September Newsletter

September Newsletter

Hello Lovelies!

Welp here we are, How have you been?
We’re doing that September thing over here, finding a new rhythm as the season starts to change.
Remote learning, rescheduled events, Dr. Steve MedSpa flow, new hire Liliana at the Salon, and more!
Here’s what 6th grade & 8th grade look like in my house:

I’ve tapped into my creativity lately, and have some musings I’d like to share. Don’t worry, I’ve got some great specials and fun announcements below, but I think it’s important “regular ole normal people” (like us?!? LOL) have real moments of connection with each other. Conversations. I’m a Spa & Salon owner who’s business thrives on communication and relationships. Writing like this helps me connect with you, and helps me define who I’m going to be as we continue to move forward. Because I am NOT the same person I was in March 2020. Are you? Are any of us the same?

What I’ve learned – in golf, in bodywork and business, in parenting as in life – is that it takes focus and attention to navigate the seasons… move the needle on things… By reflecting, thinking critically, checking in with your gut, being mindful of consequences and the ripple effect, and more, we can act as we see fit to bring an intention to reality. We might not be perfect but we’ve all got some good mojo to offer… we can nudge, influence, support and help, and lead by example – with positivity, creativity, and room for tons of diversity, to find a healthy balance, a way to continue to grow and evolve, together – the way nature and our bodies are intended!

Humans got where we are today because of our ability to adapt, evolve, and collaborate. All of our ancestors played a part in getting us here now. We are divinely designed to cope and compensate, to work together as a tribe, or a muscle group, to make the best of what we’ve got. It’s why we’re top of the food chain! We are full of intelligent cells, which are highly specialized, that work in harmony to find homeostasis, solutions, and peace. On a macro & micro level, internal & external, we’ve got lots of tools on hand – as a community and as individuals – to do the good work we need to do. We’ve got juicy hormones and chemical responses that can make the process feel okay – and sometimes even incredibly joyful and fulfilling. We can literally train our brains and our bodies to embrace change, find the flow, and breathe through it.

However, a lot of our life experience depends on inputs and system strengths. What are you feeding your body? How do you nourish your soul? Do we collectively have good inputs or are we polluted? Like any machine, our slabs of muscle meat and grey matter minds need good fuel and clear pathways! Physically, mentally, and emotionally – just like Mother Nature! She needs nutrient dense soil and clean water to have the thriving biodiversity that balances itself out. Nothing thrives in isolation! There’s so many parallels between what’s going on on a cellular level, what’s going on with humanity, and what’s going on with our Earth… it’s all connected… there are no coincidences…

So who are you these days? What are you focused on? How do you want to show up this season? How can I help? I’d love to get a little perspective from a neighbor or friend, offer an ear, and share a connection. I won’t say that I’m any big voice of reason – my thinking can actually be considered pretty darn radical at times… but I’m a damn good listener and I’m doing my best to support my team, my family, and YOU, << Test First Name >>…

I love you.
Turn off the news.
Wash your hands.
Practice radical self-love and self-care. Mind the inputs. Share with others.
I’d sincerely love to hear how your Corona journey has been. Let’s be pen pals. Write me back if you feel inspired…

Hope to see you soon, either for a service or at an event!
Much love,
Owner/Operator Fox River Spa
Board Certified Massage Therapy Educator
Spa : 224-241-8489
Salon: 847-551-1220

COOL & FUN STUFF BELOW!! Scroll on down! 🙂

Please join me in congratulating Esthetician Claire on being promoted to level 2!

As a founding member of our Algonquin location, she’s performed over 2000 services with us and sold $10,000+ in retail, as well as building a following of 77 Members! Can anyone say ROCKSTAR??? Way to go, girl!! Keep being the awesome human you are!! Specializing in problem skin, speed waxing, and lash lifts, Claire brings a great set of skills to the table. Recently married and Halloween superfan, she’s going to be tough to schedule in October – book now to get the time and date you need!

With most of the festivals and markets being cancelled, we’d like to host an event to support our fellow artisans! If you’ve got a crafter or artist in your life who’d like to showcase their wares at our Pop-Up Market on Sat Sept 19th, booths are free while they last, just RSVP with Julie as space is limited! We’ll have live music featuring Finding Reggie, raffles, and one lucky winner will win a year of free massage!
RSVP for Ribbon Cutting Friday Sept 18
RSVP for Pop-Up Market & Social Distance Party Sat Sept 19
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New Service Announcement! Botox, ProCell MicroChanneling, & More!

We're stepping up our skincare options ~ ProCell MicroChanneling, Botox, Fillers, & PRP now available! Launch Party Tues Oct 26th, great package specials all month ~ Call, text, or book online now. We are excited to introduce Dr. Arora and welcome him to our Fox River MedSpa Tribe!

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