Yearly Overview


Man oh man! Happy New Year?

Covid ripping through like we originally thought it would back in 2020. It seems like our zip code has had the surge, with one point before New Year’s, 8 of our staff was out at once. I know it’s been harder for some to deal with this round, and I’m sorry if it’s been rough for you. #hugs
We’ve had our own tough stuff, but, we’re still here. I’m thankful for this and appreciate how you guys have been super flexible and understanding with scheduling. We waived our cancellation policy and I’ve been using text messages to fill gaps when the daily short cancels come in. It’s a new tool to us, and I apologize if you got spammed a little while I fine tuned the “smart contact lists”. #LearningCurve

So. Even Though We’re Still In The Thick Of It, I’m Excited To Write My Annual“Year In Review” and Share Our Big Expansion News!

After Finishing The Holiday Season Strong (In More Ways Than One), We Made The Decision To Do The Dang Thing. Here. Locally. With Our Bread And Butter Original Baby. We Had Been Kicking The Tires For A Hot Minute And It Is TimeDrumroll Please…. 

Coming Summer of 2022:

Fox River Sanctuary
A Space To Connect, Heal, & Grow

Yoga ~ Workshops ~  Education ~  Pamper Parties ~ Circles ~ Coffees, Teas & More

We Will Add 2 Treatment Rooms And Expand Dr. Steve’s Holistic Clinic Into Our Current Reception Area. The Main Front Door Will Move To The Middle Of The Building. There’s Already A Permitted Cafe In There! We’re Adding Coffee, Teas, And More So That We Can Truly Be A Destination Space For People To Raise Their Vibration, Feel Better, And Enjoy The Moment. I Imagine Small Group Events In Our Beautiful Community Room Will Have Wonderful Options People In Our Area Will Enjoy. It’s 2500sq Ft And Going To Be Amazing! (PS – If You’re A Workshop Leader, Ping Me!)

We’re Going Full Service Here People. Mind, Body, & Spirit. Creative, Analytic, & Instinctive. A Business CAN Be Ambitious, Driven, And Humble. And Business Owners Need To Have A Dream, A Vision, A Goal, Or Get Stale. I Just Keep Dreaming And Keep Showing Up…It’s Good To Be A Diverse, Complex, Multi-Layered Business (And Human!) Who Can Use All Sides Of Life’s Experiences To Create Community And Support Our Village.  PLUS, As Always, Our Core Competencies Of Magical Massage, Facials, Waxing, And Lashes Will Be Offered… It’s Going To Be A Wellness Hub And Sanctuary Space For All People All Up And Down The Fox River Valley. #Pillar #Sanctuary

AND – With Our Continuing Education License, We’ll Be Adding A TON Of Professional Career Development Classes For Others Pro’s In Our #SpaTribe #SpaPro #CBD #ElleebanaLashes

How On Earth Can We Make A Commitment To Expansion In The Middle Of A Pandemic? It’s Because Of The Strength And Resilience Our Team, Our Business Model, And My Spirit Has Shown In The Past Year.

In Year 8 Of Entrepreneurship We Now Have 28 Employees And 8 Of Them Have Been With Us 5+ Years. Lisa And Cinde Are Absolute Rock Stars As Our Leads & I’m So Grateful For Them!! Dr. Steve Has Been The Perfect Partner For Our Chiro Clinic And I Love How Cool, Calm & Collected He Is. It’s Hilarious To Harass Him On Social Media And I Think Our Dynamic Is Going To Play Well For Decades To Come. Now With Dr. Arora As Our Medical Director For Botox & Fillers Things Are Getting Serious…

2019 Theme Was “Expect Excellence”
2020 Theme Was “Tighten Up”
2021 Theme Was “Allow To Unfold”
2022 Theme Is “Plan Accordingly”

Fox River MedSpa 2021 Highlights!

  • First full year as a One Location business (closed C’Ville Nov 2020)
  • Brought on ProCell MicroChanneling & LED Facials
  • Brought on Dr. Arora as Medical Esthetics Director for Botox & Fillers
  • Added Microblading & Lip Blushing Permanent Makeup with Cori
  • 2200+ New Clients
  • 1800+ Repeat Clients
  • 780 Members <3 <3 <3
  • 12,092 Appointments Served
  • 400+ 5-star Reviews on Yelp, Google, & Facebook
  • $70k in Gift Card Sales
  • Hired a second Manager – Kaitlyn & Tiffany run the show, I just work here. <3
  • Promoted JoyAnn & Elizabeth to Assistant Managers
  • Had a wonderful barn door built by my wonderful man Larry
  • Upgraded Software for Before/After Pics, text messaging, online forms and more
  • Got our CE License for Cosmetology, Estheticians, & Massage Therapy in Illinois & Florida
  • Developed deeper referral relationships – more on this next month 
  • Implemented New Hire Training program – 5 Star System baby!

Happy New Year, You.

I Truly Hope You’re Having A Fabulous Start To The Year, And If Not – Get Back In Here And Let’s Shift That Mojo!! 

There are people here that care. There are people everywhere that care, actually. Cheers to finding them, cultivating a life you thrive in, and doing your best along the way. Much love to you and yours. 

Congratulate my team on being awesome when you see them.

Let me know your thoughts or feel free to email me with my grammar mistakes and typos. (you know who you are)….