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Summer New Hires Mayra and Jessica, plus Family Fun #SpaTribe

Hello Lovelies!  Happy start of summer! Let the good times roll people! This weekend is gorgeous, the books are a bit light, and I'm super ok with it. There is a seasonal ebb and flow to our business - when the weather FINALLY turns, people head outside, YAY. I do my best to appreciate the beautiful days in nature and am actually on a lil road trip to Mt Rushmore and the Rocky Mountains with my family as [...]

Mothers Day Well Rested Well Loved Nurturing the Nurturer

Most humans function their best when they are well rested, well fed, and well loved. We're here to help you out with that this Mother's Day. We love taking care of all our people - all walks of life, all levels of health - but we love our Momma's the most. It's true. I'm playing favorites. Just like Drake. (#highfive to all who got my pop culture reference) But seriously, without our Moms, we wouldn't be here [...]

Mothers Day Spa Day, Events with Neighbors, SpaTribe SpaLove

Hello Lovelies!  Heyo! We just had our annual Employee Award Party! Phew! I don't know about you, but my team likes to have a good time together. Team work makes the dream work - and the bigger the dream, the bigger the team... I tell ya, I'm a walking meme these days... Can't really help it, though. A lot of these sayings are so popular because they are true! Every year we like to celebrate our wins [...]

2019 Spring Break! YOLO! Wellness Partners, Deal Week & more

Hello Lovelies!  Heyo! Spring Break is almost over. Phew! I don't know about you, but my house is thrashed and the kids are vampires. Legit reversal of sleep schedules. Apologies to all the teachers out there for Monday morning. Going to be rough. My sister took Missy to Paris after she completed her financial savings challenge ($500 in a year! Saved! By my 11 year old! #proudmommoment) (oh boy, watch out... we've hit the point of the evening where [...]

New Hire Alert! 50% Off during Training! Events with Dr. Cam!

Hello Lovelies!  Hello! Hope you had a fabulous weekend. I sure did! My Purdue besties pulled off a surprise reunion and we tore up the town! Work hard, play hard people. No shame here about that! #BoilerUp  May you all be blessed with a tribe as thoughtful and organized as mine.Their kindness and unconditional acceptance fills my heart! So now I'm ready to get back to work! We have a lot of events coming up! [...]

March Spa Specials – St Patty’s Day – Amika Shampoo & Hair Care

Top 'O The Morning to Ya, Lovelies! All the feels people! February was FULL of LOVE! What a month! We took care of a ton of clients had a great time doing it. We couldn't quite beat last year's couples service record since we've been so short staffed (please Universe send me some talent! Now hiring: 3 Massage Therapists, 1 Esti, 1 Lash Artist, 1 Stylist) but we did a good job maximizing the availability we did have. Thank you << [...]

Valentine’s Specials & Spa Newsletter

Happy Valentine's Day and all that jazz. I know, I know, it's a "Hallmark Holiday" but I love Valentine's for 2 reasons. #1 It celebrates love. That's a good thing to put the in the spotlight for at least ONE day, right? #2 It brings people in for Spa services that might not normally come. All forms of self-care are an act of love. Loving ourselves and loving each other not only makes the world go round, it makes my [...]

2018 Year in Review, Note from JulieB.

2018 Year in Review Man oh man! Going on day 4 of school closed this week & insane cold. I'd like to use a whole bunch of expletives to describe the weather but some of you don't know me that well. Yet. So I'll keep it classy for this formal "Year in Review" and save the colorful language for St. Patty's Day. #polarvortex #toocoldforcursing Even as a popsicle, I'm still grateful to be here peeps. No lie. The Midwest is HOME, and our Fox [...]

Holiday Spa Deals, Salon Specials, Spa Party

Hello Lovelies!  I know I say it every newsletter, but I can't believe how fast time is flying by. I think it happens each writing session when I actually pause to take a breath and reflect with you that I realize - holy shit - we've got a LOT going on! YOU'VE got a lot going on! This world, this life, is continuing to move right along, even when I intentionally try and slow down! How [...]

Black Friday, Thanksgiving Specials Spa Salon Scoop

Thankful for YOU this Thanksgiving Hello there << Test First Name >>! Happy early Thanksgiving! I'm so grateful to be doing this Spa thing here with you! It's been a fun Fall, continuing to build our lovely community of people who actually care, and I'm glad you're part of it! Onto our busy End-Of-Year Holiday season! Quickie housekeeping/sales note (for people like you  who actually read my newsletter LOL): We hope to see you on Black Friday or at our Spa [...]

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