Hey there You, planning your garden yet?When things get a little nutty and feel out of control, I do what I do best. Create. Build something, plant something, or create an impact is my way to get back to good. Action. I think it's a lot of people's way. Spending too much time scrolling socials and consuming news is not our best look, right? LOL - didn't we learn this through Covid?  Even with the invasion of Ukraine and economic challenges coming in, we just keep doing the things. When I focus on my surroundings, and the ways in which
Hey there you, you staying focused on what's important to you?    I am riding - well, maybe even driving - the 'ole multi-tasking, procrastinating, spin in circles, "Can't seem to get anything done" struggle bus this week. This is much different from the "NAILED IT, GIRL ON FIRE" vibe that I love
Julie Bevel, LMT Jan 2022 2021 Year in Review Man oh man! Happy New Year? Covid ripping through like we originally thought it would back in 2020. It seems like our zip code has had the surge, with one point before New Year's 8 of our staff was out at once. I know it's been harder for some to deal with this round, and I'm sorry if it's been rough for you. #hugsWe've had our own tough stuff, but, we're still here. I'm thankful for this and appreciate how you guys have been super flexible and understanding with scheduling. We waived
Hello *Lovely*, hope your December is shaking out nicely. We're having a great time taking care of our community, as always. Thank you, everyone, for the steady stream of new clients into our space - most of them choose us because of your lovely referrals and reviews! (Shameless solicitation for online reviews here: Google or Yelp or Facebook) Your online love and word-of-mouth referrals are gold to us, to any small business actually. It's one of the nicest gifts you can give a small business owner. Did you know you get $10 referral credit for every person you send our way? Please
This Holiday season, we are filled with gratitude for a well rounded staff - there are 28 of us now! Yes, 28! December Specials listed Below 🙂 Meet our newest addition, Cori! <3 Cori is a graduate from Universal Spa Training Academy and has been a licensed esthetician for 6 years. In those 6 years Cori has performed many services such as make-up application, waxing and basic facials along with more advanced facial services like microdermabrasion, micro current, chemical peels and ultrasonic. She enjoys customizing her facials and using advanced tools to target her clients skin care needs and is confident in her ability
Hello Lovely, big Chamber mixer today at the Spa! Stop by and say hi! Enter a raffle, meet our Doctors, network and chill! Excited to mix and mingle with our community! Our team had our own mix and mingle last week at King Spa in Niles. It's hard to get everyone together but we did our best and were able to have a lovely meeting in addition to self-care. We've made a lot of changes and it's important for culture and operations that we touch base this way. Pictured here is from top left to bottom right is Lissa, Erika, Kim,
Hello Lovely, Happy November! Let the new season roll in!  It's a weird thing, to know that the snow and cold is coming - but to also know there's plenty of action coming indoors as well. It's not like we truly hibernate and disappear into a cave. For me, personally, the Bevel family has a busy season of productivity, volleyball, and internal maintenance on the way. Taking care of what's on the inside doesn't always mean remodeling the kitchen, ya know what I mean? "Cleaning house & getting organized" has layers and layers of meaning in our world. What does it mean for
Hello You, doing my due diligence on marketing here <3    Accountability. Consistency. Planning. Execution. Do the things, Julie! Send the emails. Be the Voice. Put your head down and focus! Your company needs you! Argh! LOL The struggle is real! #SideQuests #PassionProjects #Discipline #TimeManagement What does your self talk sound like? I'm really paying attention to that internal game these days. The stories we tell ourselves and messages we send inside and out are so powerful. I don't let my clients say "I'm a hot mess" anymore. Stop that. Sometimes that critical little voice is motivating when inspiration fades, and sometimes she's just a nag. We all know what
Hello You, you doing that Pumpkin Spice thing yet?   LOL #Basic (My teens keep me trendy, I swear. I'm cool! Not cringy! Cool!)   It's time for a lil Spa Scoop newsletter check-in action! I've been spending more time behind the front desk, rockin the ole Admin vibe & collaborating with my team on all the things. One of my favorite parts of hanging at Reception is to receive feedback from people that you actually read these! (Ms. Laura R, Sandy P, & Jennifer V - love you, thank you for inspiring me and supporting our small business, as always) Community matters. Communication counts. So here we go!   We're
Hello You, how things in your world? We are settling into our new routine this month, with school, activities, and self-care. Hope your summer is winding down nicely as well. I made a commitment to myself and my kids last year that I wouldn't get manic busy again, and it's hard to maintain a boundary in the schedule when you've got 10 irons in the fire! How many of you are looking at the calendar going, "How did I get so busy again?" Blank space in the schedule is required. #2021 #Allow Please do me a favor, right now, and go block
Hello You, how you be?  Julie here, just checking in for the summer! The kids are off to camp for the week, the garden is plumping up, and the heat has arrived. Yay. We're looking forward to a smooth and relaxed next couple of months while we support our community in enjoying their life and their beautiful bodies as much as possible. I'm filled with gratitude for the fabulous team we've curated here, and the new upgrades and additions that have happened. We remodeled our reception area to have better front desk flow, added a barn door to reduce noise pollution, and made a
Happy February! Let's show each other, and ourselves, some love this month, shall we? It's an important time for self-care and reflection. Winter in Chicago allows us to focus inward, slow down, and process. We can take our time thinking things through, healing, and caring for our loved ones. I encourage you to include yourself on that list of loved ones. <3 No other deep thoughts today beyond I love you. I'm doing the best I can, hope you are too, and support you in living your best life. Now, on to the February happenings!! 🙂 FACIALS ARE BACK! : Book any facial $100 or more and
New Software Launching April 25

We're getting a fancy app and new software as we prepare for our expansion this summer! Be one of the first to download it and book online to receive a complimentary essential oil :)