Happy February! Let's show each other, and ourselves, some love this month, shall we? It's an important time for self-care and reflection. Winter in Chicago allows us to focus inward, slow down, and process. We can take our time thinking things through, healing, and caring for our loved ones. I encourage you to include yourself on that list of loved ones. <3 No other deep thoughts today beyond I love you. I'm doing the best I can, hope you are too, and support you in living your best life. Now, on to the February happenings!! 🙂 FACIALS ARE BACK! : Book any facial $100 or more and
How are you doing this fine Friday? Thank you to everyone who's been keeping in touch and doing the things! I love connecting and sharing the stories. Keep 'em coming! I did some deep processing and reflecting earlier this month, spent some time strategizing with Dr. Steve & Manager Erica, and am enjoying moving forward. I wrote a deep blog post about being a lighthouse I shared here if you want to read some ponderings. Getting back into writing creatively and inspirationally this year as we continue to re-grow our business. Gotta feed both sides of the soul, ya know? I had planned on doing a detailed
How are you doing today? Like, for real for real. Respond to me if you want to share, I'll write back, I promise. With the amount of remote work I'm doing, I've got time to actually have a conversation and connect over email. Have you been checking in with yourself though, lately? With your head, your heart, your gut? Have you been able to pause and reflect, asses your surroundings? What does your body need? What do YOU need? Is there anything we can do to help each other? Our company is deeply entrenched in this community, and I want you to
I hope this email finds you well and good. I'm hunkered down with my 2 kids for the next week or so, cancelled travel plans for December, and am focused on being the best mom, business owner, and massage therapist I can be. That means keeping it simple and small, for now. This holiday season will be very different from our 20 people or more family dinners, but a worthy sacrifice. I want to be able to tell my clients I haven't been taking unnecessary risks and they can feel safe in my hands. I'd like to acknowledge everyone who's working
This is the hardest email I've ever had to write. It is with heavy heart but clear conscience the team and I have decided to close the Carpentersville Salon, permanently, on November 14th, 2020. This would have been our 8th Holiday season at C'Ville, but it's time to face reality. My business has changed. The industry is evolving. So are we. Our C'Ville location was a fantastic entrepreneurial starting point, with great memories and so many lessons, but it's no longer viable. Our lease is up and it doesn't make sense to renew at this time.  The thought of signing another 2
Hello Lovelies! Hi & Howdy, October is upon us, and so far so good in the ole Fox River Spa world. We had a lovely September Pop-Up Market & Parking lot party - thank you so much to everyone who came! I have to give a HUGE shout out of thanks to our C'Ville Manager, Natalie, for being such a superstar organizer and communicator. Managing a Salon is no easy task - managing during a pandemic and then your boss having an idea to host a pop up market? #SuperStar LOVE YOU GIRL!! Thanks again for helping a vision come to life! Weather
Hello Lovelies! Today's a great day to stop by Algonquin MedSpa, and show your support for small businesses! We're getting things set up as we speak! With most of the festivals and markets being cancelled, this is our event to support our fellow artisans and small business owners! Tons of cool stuff : Henna, Bags Contest, Home Decor, Halloween crafts, and more! We had a great ribbon cutting yesterday with the Chamber and look forward to taking great care of you for many years to come! 7 years so far, baby!! <3 #GetAfterIt #LiveYourDreams #HereToStay Someone's winning FREE MASSAGE FOR A YEAR Small Business Pop-Up Market,
Hello Lovelies! Welp here we are, How have you been? We're doing that September thing over here, finding a new rhythm as the season starts to change. Remote learning, rescheduled events, Dr. Steve MedSpa flow, new hire Liliana at the Salon, and more!Here's what 6th grade & 8th grade look like in my house: I've tapped into my creativity lately, and have some musings I'd like to share. Don't worry, I've got some great specials and fun announcements below, but I think it's important "regular ole normal people" (like us?!? LOL) have real moments of connection with each other. Conversations. I'm a Spa & Salon owner who's
Hello Lovelies! Hi & Howdy! I sincerely hope your "Corona Journey" has been as good as possible. Navigating communication and developing our business post-shutdown has been quite the roller-coaster!  I find myself second guessing what, or how much, to share. The wide range of opinions, emotions and politics among our wonderful Spa Tribe has got me treading lightly. I appreciate this full spectrum of life, and I'm mindful of how diverse our experiences and perceptions are. Bottom line is, we're all going through it, and we've got to keep on truckin'. It's a gosh darn pandemic. I can't live in fear, and I've got to trust
We're doing a thing!      Before I get into sharing about our next adventure - I have to acknowledge and thank your care team for doing such an amazing job in June. For some guests, coming for a haircut or a massage was their first big outing in 2.5 months, and I'm so proud of how our staff operated with respect to that. We showed up as our highest and best selves this season. It was a beautiful thing to witness and participate in. We had over 175 new clients and did about 80% of our pre-shutdown volume. The whole month of June gave both my humanity heart and entrepreneur mind hope.
We're baaaack, It's time to practice our craft. Clock in and care for you. As always, in all the ways. Our team is laser focused on helping you be your best self, inside and out. Our goal is to have your experience be rejuvenating and supporting, in any service you receive. We're holding space for all the emotions, grey hairs, and pain you may be processing and hope to help you transform during your time with us.There's power in a good hair day, and good bodywork is no joke either. This is serious business right here. It's time to add some (more) joy and
Fox River MedSpa Updates:

New Online Booking Alert! After 8 years with Booker, we are rolling out new software to enhance our business operations and your experience with us. We apologize for the inconvenience of having to create a new account with us. The first 100 guests to book online using our new portal will receive a free gift with service from our heart to yours!

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