February newsletter


Hey there, are you staying focused on what’s important to you? 

I am riding – well, maybe even driving – the ‘ole multi-tasking, procrastinating, spin in circles, “Can’t seem to get anything done” struggle bus this week. This is much different from the “NAILED IT, GIRL ON FIRE” vibe that I love… know what I mean? 

There’s so many theories out there about productiveness, energetic blocks, ADD/ADHD, mercury retrograde, laziness, creative cycles, biohacking, atomic thinking, Jesus… all of it – but at the end of the day, at least for me, it’s usually about time management and accountability.

I imagine a lot of you can relate. Competing Priorities. Lots of people and things you love to give time and energy to. Schedules that always seem to have something right smack in the middle of your flow. Stupid social media. Self-care. Projects and initiatives you want to get moving but have a hard time getting started on. Even if it’s that dang hallway closet. You KNOW it needs to get done. It’s been on the list for months and you look at it every time the kids go digging for shoes… Why hasn’t it gotten done yet??  

Why do we do that to ourselves?

Have you figured out how to get into your “flow” state? Consistently and often? Share your method with me! I’d love to learn! It’s something I’ll be pondering more as I manage this expansion thing…

We coulda kept it simple, kept a “normal” routine… played small… but that’s not my way. We chilled out and simmered enough. 

I must be a glutton for punishment.
Or, my own best challenger. 

I’ve got a little dance going on in the mirror (and in my head)… Whatchu got today, girl? How you gonna show up? You gonna get things moving? Be awesome today? Or are you gonna get stuck chasing rabbits, putting out fires and spend your time on bullshit?

I say it all the time during session with clients: “Where there’s movement, there’s hope. When things get stuck, that’s when we got problems.” Don’t get stuck people. Keep ‘er moving. 

I DID hit a major deadline with a WIN on Monday – completed an Indian Head Massage slide deck and protocol update for the AMTA convention. That’s pretty cool. But man it was a nail biter to finish it on time. I present in March and it’s going to be a great event (& nice feather in the cap for SpaPro + CBD sales!) I guess I just needed to putz around a little this week after that. 

So today’s message is: Make your bed, write your newsletter, take great care of your clients, open your mail, eat food from the earth, return important phone calls, and make time for family.  

Andddd ok focusing! Here’s the meat and potatoes of what I really needed to share: It’s almost Valentine’s Day! So here’s the Scoop! 

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is officially on the menu with me, Jill, Kim, Jessica, & Aslana! Dr. Steve can even bill insurance if it’s medically necessary and your insurance has coverage for it.

Also, we’ve got a new Member’s Only Perk: 50% Off Facials with Dava! She joined us from Massage Envy and is a lovely Esthetician, PCA Skin Certified, & a friendly knowledgeable person. She fits our culture perfectly and her availability is amazing! LOL I’ve been making her do TikToks and she’d much rather do facials. Come and meet her today!

Speaking of TikTok & growing our skincare business, we’ve got a nice giveaway promotion thing going on.

Expansion update: Drawings are at the architect, should be back by Monday then we send for permits. Picked out Square as our software to run the coffee biz side of things. Developing menu of teas, lemonades. Starting to get quotes on website revamp. Getting mockup of new sign for building. Thinking about window displays and best use of space / curb appeal. Getting equipment lined up for the 2 new treatment rooms and Dr. Steve’s expanded clinic. Considering adding a weight loss program/nutrition thing with our Docs. Writing yoga class descriptions and talking to workshop hosts. Looking at cool inventory we can brand and private label. #Swag #SpaTribe 

If you want to get something cool for yourself or your love right now, we’ve got a CBD Bath Bomb and Essential Oil bundle on special when you buy a gift card… 

If you’re not into spending any money right now, you can still do awesome things for people you care about and for us small business owners that are completely free… <3 

Oh! One last thing! $10/unit Botox ends this month – except for at our Botox, Brunch, & Bubbly Sunday once a month.