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Plantar Fasciitis by Lead Massage Therapist Lyndsey Silker

What is Plantar Fasciitis and how can Massage Therapy help?By Lyndsey Silker, Lead Massage Therapist      According to MayoClinic, there are more than 3 million Plantar Fasciitis cases in the US per year. It can affect anyone, but it is most common with adults and seniors. Fascia is your body’s connective tissue that works as a protective sheath. Ultimately, these are the tissues that hold our bodies together! In the foot, there is a thick [...]

February Newsletter

Hello My Lovelies! Happy February all! Love is in the air! I hope you feel it, too. Personally, I'm falling more and more in love with my business these days. It had gotten to be quite the grind through the holidays but something has shifted. Client feedback has been amazing, my Leadership team is ON POINT, and our team is operating like a well oiled machine. I like it. I promoted Lauren & Justin to [...]

Spa Social & Holiday Luncheon Gratitude, Cupping Massage w/ Jill

Thank you everyone! Our community ROCKS! So, last week was HUGE! We had our Holiday Luncheon at the Anvil Club AND our 5th Annual Spa Social. Both events broke records with your generosity and warmth! Our Women in Business Dollars for Scholars 501c3 raised $4000 during lunch for our local kids' educations! I'm so proud to be part of that! Last year we did $2600 and thought that was huge. A special thanks to the [...]

Hello my Lovelies! I have a RIDICULOUS amount of information to share today! First the quick-n-easy stuff: Scholarship Applications for our WIB Dollars for Scholars are OPEN! Have your college bound or college attending people apply here! Deadline is Feb 28th and funds are awarded in June! www.nkccwib.dollarsforscholars.org Our Board has been working hard raising money all year, and we have our biggest event of the year on Friday at the Anvil Club! If you'd [...]

#metoo A Massage Therapists Guide to Sexual Harassment

#MeToo - A Massage Therapist's Guide to Sexual Harassment "Do you do happy endings?" "Is this a full release massage?" "Your husband must be a lucky man!" "Who massages you?" "I really don't need this sheet." Sad but true, I actually wrote this piece about 10 years ago as part of a training manual for new hire massage therapists. The "inappropriate guest" memo. Why do I still have to address these things in 2017?? Unfortunately, [...]

Paula in the Spotlight! Deal Week is Live!

It is time. You deserve a Spa Day this week. Twice a year we do our "Rest & Relaxation" $50 Deal Week. This is that week! Yay. We also have our Ribbon Cutting for Algonquin on Thursday evening, 5p-7p. Another Yay. It's been a great "soft open" this past month - we've taken care of over 320 guests in our new location, painted, remodeled, and trained a lot of new hires on the Fox River way. I [...]

October Newsletter – Real Talk –

Hello my Lovelies. It's been really hard watching my beloved Vegas hurting. Truth is, humanity hurts sometimes... or at least the lack of it does. People can lose sight of hope. Of connection. Of purpose and gratitude for this infinitely beautiful potential we have as a world. Life does not have to be all struggle and pain. It can be satisfaction and peace. This I believe. That is why we're here. I know we exist [...]

Fox River Spa Wellness Group Announced!

Finally! Get the support you need on your Health & Wellness journey - in a fun and real way. Learn skills for managing appetite, cravings, hormones, and metabolism - all while being held accountable with love and grace towards your goals. Weekly and monthly challenges with both online and individual support! Schedule a consult with Cinde or learn more about the program here: **This link needs to be updated with proper content** **Under construction** **LOL [...]

Algonquin Massage & Facial Spa Opening September

Algonquin Spa Soft Opening Wed Sept 6th Come meet our new team and enjoy a complimentary Sauna with any service! Hello Lovelies! And so it begins. Next week we are doing a "soft opening" at location #2 in the Algonquin Galleria, and I'm taking it nice and easy as we iron our kinks out. (LOL a little massage pun for ya there) 😉 We are SO looking forward to creating an additional community of [...]

Top 5 Reasons to Get a Massage – AMTA Massage Therapy Study

Massage is Medicine. Humans want to feel connected. To be touched. It's a primal and instinctive need. It can be therapeutic and relaxing. Healing. Comforting. Helpful. Recently, the American Massage Therapy Association took a consumer survey with interesting results. Here they are: Massage Therapy for Regular Health Maintenance2 78 percent of individuals surveyed claim their primary reason for receiving a massage in the previous 12 months was medical (50 percent) or stress (28 percent) related, [...]

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