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Are you curious about Yoga but haven’t known where to start? Wonder if could be good for you? Our classes in the Salt Room Sanctuary are designed for beginners and as a great introduction to the practice of Yoga. We welcome all levels of health, all types of bodies, and invite you to get to know yourself on a new level.

Himalayan Salt Sanctuary

Our Yoga Team loves leading guided meditations and stretch sessions for private events. Reserve your perfect time for a pamper party, team bonding, birthday, or any group gathering, and add a :30, :45, or :60 minute class for just $10 per person. Choose from “Gong & Singing Bowls” “Yoga Nidra” “Intro to Yoga” “Slow Flow” and more! We can customize the theme for your event’s intentions. Rites of Passage and Ceremonies of Honor are a wonderful way to celebrate each other.
Minimum 5 people, Maximum 20 people

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A Special Thanks to our Yoga Partners from Happy Hour Yoga & Melt Pilates!

Class Descriptions

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The name says it all. Yoga for beginners. This is a welcoming and non-intimidating way to learn and grow into your yoga practice. Your body will thank you.

This is a great class for yoga beginners, those who are inflexible or are managing pain and injuries.  

Slow-paced style of yoga with seated postures that are held for longer periods of time. Yin can also be a meditative yoga practice that helps you find inner peace.

Focuses on winding down after a long day and relaxing your mind. At its core, this style focuses on body relaxation. Restorative yoga also helps to cleanse and free your mind.

The term Yoga Nidra means yogic or psychic sleep. It is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, induced by a guided meditation.

This is a great class for yoga beginners, those who are inflexible or are managing pain and injuries.  

A little bit of belly dance and a little bit of yoga. Belly core is a recognized belly dance fitness then we will add gentle yoga after we dance. In this class, channel your inner shimmer, while having fun strengthening and toning core.  Stretch, shake and shimmy what your mamma gave you.  All bodies welcome.  All people welcome.  A combination of floor exercises and standing groove hip shimmies strengthen  the core and arms.

This class will raise your heart rate and leave you feeling amazing. Bring a long scarf if you have one to tie around your waist.

Also known as a gong bath. Sound healing is an ancient wellness practice dating back thousands of years, has been linked to reductions in stress and anxiety, and been shown to decrease blood pressure more than traditional meditation. Sounds travels through water four times faster than it travels through air, and since our bodies are mostly composed of water, many believe that sound helps us recalibrate. Through the use of gongs, bells, bowls, flutes, chimes, and other instruments. The sonic journey of healing, is one that resonates long after the session ends.

This is a great class for yoga beginners, those who are inflexible or are managing pain and injuries.  

A slow moving, gentle yoga class. We’ll get your body moving and work on flexibility, strength and balance. This class is for all levels. We start out with a warm up, move through some sun salutations and then stretch at the end!

A dynamic break-a-sweat class. Cultivating strength, flexibility power. This guided format will provide support through a safe tempo, with Ashtanga, Vinyasa and power yoga flow. Bring a towel and your mat. 

Guys this is the yoga class for you!  We’ll work on flexibility, balance, strength, and breath.  No girls allowed!  This class is great for every man.  You’ll notice a difference right away!

Our kids yoga class meets every other Saturday.  Kids between the ages of 7 and 9 will learn yoga poses, sun salutations, and will work on meditation to clear their busy little minds.  Parents can try one of our specialty drinks just outside while your little one becomes a yogi!!

This is yoga for the celebration of life through unity, harmony, and well-being. A very special yoga workshop series, that will help you feel more in tune, grounded and balanced in your walk of life. Spiritual and shamanic teachings and drumming will help facilitate the work. This specific style of yoga is aligned with positive attributes of the cycles of seasons, such as solstices and equinoxes and around the phases of moon. Shamanic yoga cultivates the earths natural forces to nurture the our inner elements of air, fire, water and earth, that constitute the meridians in our body.  This class is recommended for anyone who wants to learn more about working with the natural forces around us and is ok for beginners as modifications will be given when needed. Sun salutations, moon salutations, and yoga meridian work stretches will be used. 

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