Winter Newsletter from Fox River Spa & Salon

Winter Newsletter from Fox River Spa & Salon

Hello Lovelies!

Ahhh the new colors of the season have arrived.

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Crisp & Fresh is our October theme!
Hello << Test First Name >> ! Our Salon has been cranking out some beautiful changes for our clients, and I’m reminded of the true beauty of #HairPower. There’s something about it.Look good, feel good, do good, be good. A great haircut or color can affect our mojo. True story. As a “hippie-dippie” massage therapist, I didn’t originally FULLY respect hair power. But 5 years in, I sure do.I also respect the changes of season, and the ebbs and flows in our business along with it.This last week has been pretty quiet (translation – get your butt back in here), and I imagine you must be preparing for Halloween if you celebrate it, closing out Fall sports and projects, deep cleaning garages and basements, switching out summer clothes for warmer ones… Fall is a time for transition and observation, rootin’ around the house… Taking stock of where you’re at, making changes for the season, and planning on what needs to be done. I know we’re deep in the mix of it here! Those are some big hair changes happening in our chairs these days! I hope you’re enjoying the shift.There’s an abundance of ways to tap into seasonal shifts, to maximize your life experience…and we’re truly blessed to be here in America, where our basic needs are met, and we can focus on living to our full potential. I love having a deep menu of options, for life in general, available.

I’d also love to help my Salon & Spa team reach their full potential. For a 40 hour work week, that means about 25-30 hours hands-on with clients. With 35 employees now, I’m feeling the challenge of keeping everyone busy consistently! It’s my duty as the Owner to help drive traffic to our location, and then it’s my staff’s duty to build professional relationships and retain the lovely guests that come through our doors.

If there’s every anything we can do more or better, different or less – to retain or gain a referral, or a lifetime client like you << Test First Name >> – please let me know! I take your feedback seriously, and we go over it together to fine tune and enhance your experience. (Our meetings are pretty entertaining, actually, when we have to role play The Good, The Bad, and The Comical – you should see it) One of the new additions, based on your feedback, has been to offer essential oils during foot soaks and shampoos. You know I love my oils. Consider it done!

OH! And did you know? We can accept most HSA & FSA Visa cards! If you’re lucky enough to have one with some funds in there, please know you can use them at our Spa. Our Therapeutic/Wellness coding with Visa allows us to help you take advantage of your benefits. #winning 

Save the date for our big Spa Social on Saturday Dec 8th, where we have our fun raffles, gifts, and specials. It’s always a great time and we do our Black Friday specials again on that date.

Check out our November Specials! I’m happy to honor them now if you just give us a call to book! 🙂

Until next time my lovelies. With infinite love and gratitude,
JulieB, LMT

224-241-8489 Algonquin Spa
847-551-1220 C’Ville Spa

PS: Thanks for being awesome.

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COVID19 UPDATE: Our Algonquin MedSpa will remain OPEN as a safe suburban sanctuary for self-care. The lobby is by "Invite Only", please text us at 224-241-8489 when you arrive for your appointment & we will respond when ready to welcome you in.

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