Hello My Lovelies!

My gracious let the good times roll! These first 2 weeks of 2018 have been ROCKIN’! Never a dull moment in entrepreneurship, and I’ve been hustling my tushie off this month! I had an office/supply room at Algonquin that was a waste of space – because let’s face it, if I’m on-site, I’m going to be working with clients or staff, not looking at a stupid screen – so we decided to upgrade and add Manicures/Pedicures at location #2. Should be finished next week once the thrones arrive! Woot Woot!

We’re also putting the finishing touches on our Thai room. This space is going to be great for stretching, mat work, and meditation. Which is perfect because I made a bold decision to return to my roots this year and booked a week-long Continuing Education class for MYSELF at the world-renowned Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. This is the original Massage College I went to in 1999, that built the foundation for my bodywork philosophy and style. My people. The class I’m taking is dedicated to healing chronic lower back pain and working in the side-lying position – much of which will translate to the mat. I am absolutely THRILLED to go and immerse into their community and culture again! Mama Bear’s gonna come back a big ole powerhouse of healing and love. Cannot wait!

And maybe I shouldn’t say “BIG ole powerhouse” – because our Biggest Loser crew of 25 have already lost over 40 pounds together this year! I’m tellin’ ya – setting your intention, taking action, and moving through the uncomfortable change stuff is amazing. Allowing room for flexibility, increasing awareness, and staying laser focused on the big picture goals is SO DAMN EMPOWERING. Thank you to the Biggest Loser crew, my Coaches Cinde & Danielle, and my trainer Mandi from Fit Chicks for being part of our Wellness campaign! #shrinkingwaistline #expandingheart

On the beautiful side of life, we’ve been focusing a lot on skincare and lashes. Since we’re not in the sun as much, now is the time for microderms and peels. Here’s a little info our darling Esthetician Claire put together for ya about why Microderm facials are awesome!

What else did I need to share? OH! I wanted to give you an EMAIL ONLY dealio! Cause I’m grateful for those of you who actually ready my schtuff!


That’s all for now! 🙂

In Positive Energy & Purpose,

JulieB, LMT
Owner/Operator Fox River Spa
Licensed Massage Therapist & Board Certified Educator

Chair, Women in Business 501c3;
Treasurer, Westfield PTO 501c3

Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Lover, Friend, Human

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