A healthy body includes healthy skin. Our skincare specialists love to analyze, protect and correct your skin. We understand that when it comes to skincare, each client has different goals and different preferences in treatment – steam, extractions, ingredients, and more. Sometimes specific results are desired and yield a clinical approach, but other times clients prefer a more therapeutic and relaxing experience.

We are committed to helping your best skin radiate through. Your Aesthetician will do a full consult and skin analysis to help determine which facial, as well as home care regime, will serve your beautiful face the best. 

Series of facial packages are available, buy 5 get 1 free, for our clients that want the best results.

We offer the best in skincare products through PCA Skin & Farmhouse Fresh.

PCA SKIN: PCA SKIN’s vision is to provide results-oriented skincare solutions that are backed by science to treat your unique skin. PCA SKIN has been and continues to be a trusted innovator in the development of highly effective professional treatments and daily care products.

FARMHOUSE FRESH: With FarmHouse Fresh, you’ll find skincare products grown and crafted with delicious epicurean flair, either certified organic or with up to 100% naturally derived ingredients — all chock full of fruits, vegetables, milks, and more from U.S. farms, including their own. Proudly made in the U.S.A., Farmhouse Fresh puts just as much love and care into our products as we do in cultivating what goes into them. Our baskets, table top displays, even tote bags are all hand made in the U.S.A.

Together, we create a range of facials that balance natural and organic ingredients, delivering an impeccable feel on skin and results you can see — reduced irritations, calmed redness, better balance in tone, deep moisturization, and lessened signs of aging.

Skincare Menu of Services

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*Prices listed below are standard Level 1 Staff prices. Level 2 Staff prices are +$4.

Clinical Facials (PCA SKIN)

Clinical Facials are designed for those who are serious about improving the health of their skin. PCA SKIN’s vision is to provide results-oriented skincare solutions that are backed by science to treat your unique skin. Clinical Facials are performed by our PCA SKIN certified professionals and chemical peel specialists.

Therapeutic Facials

Each Therapeutic Facial features Farmhouse Fresh natural products with many certified organic ingredients. This year, FarmHouse Fresh was voted by spas, hotels and resorts as their Favorite Body Care Line and we know you’ll love it too! Their new Organics Collection received Day Spa Magazine’s Professional’s Choice Award for Favorite Organic Collection. We offer the most distinctive selection of Farm to Spa Treatments, with a warm team of estheticians, massage therapists, and cosmetologists to serve you. Our skincare specialists will hand pick each product for a completely customized treatment.

After a thorough consultation, your PCA SKIN certified professional will select the best treatment for your unique skincare goals and will then perform a patch test. Included in this consultation are 4 trial size daily care products (cleanser, serum, moisturizer, and SPF) for you to use in the days leading up to your treatment. These products will ensure that your skin is prepped and balanced and will dramatically improve your results. Chemical Peel service is scheduled at the conclusion of the consultation.

*This consultation is highly recommended 10-14 days prior to your chemical peel service to ensure the best results possible and significantly lower the risk for complications.
*Want to try out your daily care products? Add on a mini treatment which includes a cleanse, mild exfoliation, serum, moisturizer, and SPF. 15mins $15.

Professionally applied peel solutions exfoliate dead skin cells and help healthy skin cells rise to the surface. These treatments allow deeper layers of fresh and untouched skin to be revealed. The result of monthly treatments can even skin tone, clear acne, improve the appearance of aging skin and make dull complexions glow. Peels are safe for all skin types including sensitive skin and rosacea. Your PCA SKIN Chemical Peel Specialist will select the right peel for you. POST TREATMENT KIT INCLUDED

*Peel Prep Consultation is recommended 10-14 days prior to this treatment. A special consent form will need to be signed if you decline the consultation service.

This 3 step trio of antioxidant therapy supports skin metabolism and leaves skin purified, glowing and radiant. It helps promote healing and rejuvenates sluggish, stressed skin depleted by toxins, pollutants, allergens, improper diet and solar damage. Acneic conditions also benefit greatly. This treatment is appropriate for use between peel treatments or when flaking is not desired. It is also recommended two to three days before a special event as it draws oxygen to the surface, producing a rosy flush, resulting in a radiant, healthy look.

This is an excellent treatment for detoxifying all skin types. This active blend of lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids exfoliates and promotes a purified and clear complexion. Perfect for acne and breakout-prone skin and/or if you suffer from stubborn blackheads. Gentle extractions are included.
*Great for teens!
*Add on 15min therapeutic neck and shoulder massage for $15.

Refresh your skin with this non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment. The outer layers of the skin are deeply exfoliated, stimulating collagen production and cellular regeneration. This treatment is ideal for improving skin tone, lightening sun damage, and dark marks and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles while leaving the skin feeling smooth, soft and renewed.
*May be used as the exfoliation in an express or signature facial for $20

*Contraindications: roseacea or inflamed skin, active/open acne lesions, diabetes, auto immune disorders, psoriasis, eczema, fragile capillaries, keratosis sufferers

This facial is a non-abrasive alternative to Microdermabrasion. We utilize ultrasonic technology (high frequency sound waves) to loosen dirt, oil and cellular debris from the pores to achieve a healthy, radiant glow. It helps reduce wrinkles and acne lesions, diminishes unwanted pigment and improves skin tone, increases cell rejuvenation and moisture retention on the skin, and treats inflammation and decreases rosacea.

*Contraindications: pregnant/nursing, pacemakers, heart conditions, circulation disorders, seizures, cancer patients

Significant hormone changes can occur during the teen years resulting in skin that has increased oil production and breakouts. We utilize gentle and effective ingredients such as salicylic acid to penetrate pores to eliminate existing blemishes and prevent future breakouts.

This treatment is time friendly and ideal for those of you with busy schedules. It includes a warm towel compress, cleanse, and exfoliation. A relaxing facial massage is performed and the treatment is concluded with a serum, moisturizer, and SPF.

Depending on the sensitivity level of your skin, this treatment will begin with either steam or a warm towel compress leaving your skin softened and pores opened. A deep cleanse and exfoliation are performed and extractions are included if desired. Using pure essential oils, you will receive a therapeutic facial massage as well as a neck and shoulder massage after the application of a customized treatment mask. This facial is topped off with appropriate serums, moisturizer, SPF and lip balm.

The Signature Facial expands on the Classic Facial offering an extra 15 minutes of pure bliss! The extra time allows us to completely customize and tailor a treatment to your needs. We are able to extend the massage portions, perform more extractions if needed and apply additional treatment serums. A décolleté treatment is included as well. This is our most customizable and most requested treatment.
*A Fox River Spa & Salon favorite!

Formulated specifically for the back, this treatment cleanses, tones and exfoliates the back using techniques similar to a skin treatment for the face. A clarifying and moisturizing mask will leave the skin deeply hydrated, clear and glowing.

Tailored to meet the needs and challenges of a man’s skin, this treatment helps to clarify and balance the skin while soothing irritation associated with shaving. Essential oil-infused hot towels are utilized throughout the facial and a customized treatment mask is applied while our skincare specialist performs a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.

Add-on Treatments


Complete your facial treatment with a therapeutic foot massage for a relaxing head to toe experience.

Get a more youthful appearance with the first ever FDA-cleared, non-invasive microcurrent device. Microcurrent sends soft, gentle waves through the skin tissues down to the facial muscles and energizes them similarly to how exercise energizes the muscles of our body. This treatment tightens and tones the face providing both instant and cumulative results.

*Great before a big event! Can be a stand-alone treatment if desired.

*Contraindications: Can not use if pregnant, prone to seizures, have cancer/tumors, have a cardiac pacemaker, have electronic implanted devices, have implanted defibrillators/stimulators

Give your lips some love by incorporating this treatment into any facial. It helps to stimulate collagen, increase hydration and reduce the appearance of lip lines.

Restore youth to the entire eye area with gentle exfoliation and deep hydration. This treatment helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness and is completed with the application of PCA SKIN’s Ideal Complex Restorative Eye Cream for a firmer and brighter eye area.

Create your own Spa Day with our 90min and 2 Hour Face/Body Combinations found here.

Add on Mani/Pedi and hair services for the complete Fox River Spa & Salon experience.

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