Corporate Events

Firms are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of massage and stress management as a stress releasing, morale boosting benefit for their employees. Fox River Spa’s Onsite Massage is an effective and affordable way to relieve stress and create a highly productive, happy and healthy work environment. It is one of our signature services, and we pride ourselves on professionalism, friendliness, and results with your audience.
The Perfect Occasion to Order On-Site Massage
  • Weekly Staff Appreciation
  • Off Site Events & Employee Recognition
  • Quarter End & Employee Appreciation
  • Major Projects
  • Office Parties
  • Convention Promos
  • Birthdays
  • Golf Outings
  • Any Event that Requires a Special Touch

Quality breaks and creative rewards help boost morale and productivity. Good companies know that helping their employees feel appreciated has its own rewards, like higher loyalty, self-motivation and productivity.

Chair massage provides the best of both worlds. People get to relax, relieve tension, manage stress and consider it an employer reward at the same time.

A Massage Program from Fox River Spa can also…
  • Remedy aches and pains before they escalate to injury.
  • Give people a tool to help them manage their health.
  • Reduce absenteeism through a reward program
  • Help people stay focused on their work, not their pain.
  • Reduce office stress and maintain a peaceful environment.
  • Help attract and retain top performers
Events and Conventions

Conventional wisdom (pun intended) dictates that Fox River Spa’s on-site chair massage is a perfect addition to all your corporate marketing events, trade-shows, and conventions. We understand the challenges that arise while planning a large event and strive to make the process effortless. Rely on-site massage to:

  • Attract more visitors to your booth, create “buzz” around your product.
  • Keep potential customers attention longer.
  • People will wait for a massage. You’ll have plenty of time to deliver your message.
  • Create happy relaxed customers to benefit your sales.
Organize a “Mob”

Setting up a massage station at your company’s booth not only draws attention, but also maintains attention. Get your message across to your captive audience during 5 to 15 minute intervals as people wait for their session. People will not only walk away feeling refreshed, but they will positively associate your company with the attention they received, a sense of well being, and how good you made them feel.

Massage your Message

Convention organizers can enhance an event by setting up a massage “relaxation” station, guaranteeing attendee participation. We can be a sponsored booth for one of the individual exhibitors to brand a message and create a buzz. Provide free massage coupons to the vendors to create a raffle and attract a crowd. Lastly, don’t forget to treat your sales force and vendors and let us provide massage for them before or after an event.

Leave a Lasting Impression

Keep in mind that chair massage is done fully clothed. It’s absolutely suitable to be done at a public place and quiet is not required. Our professional courteous therapists will blend in with the activities you have designed and match the mood of your event. One call and we’ll take care of the rest. Save yourself a lot of time and hassles by working with Fox River Spa today – those whom you are serving are going to love you for it.

Our History

After 9 years as Bellagio’s Lead Massage Therapist and managing a team of 70 highly skilled massage therapists, owner Julie Bevel was ready to bring her expertise (and children) back to her roots in the Chicago suburbs. With a focus on wellness and beauty, Fox River Spa & Salon opened a 3,000 square foot full service facility in Carpentersville, IL. They offer all types of massage and hair services, including bridal, waxing, and nails to help people be their best self – inside and out. Pain free and gorgeous is their goal.

Fox River Spa’s corporate program was formed to fill a much-needed gap in the business world, by providing a method to help employees and employers manage work related stress and create a positive work environment. We have a wide range of options customized to fit your business’s needs.

Whether you’re interested in On-Site Massage for an event or stress management for your team, Fox River Spa can match the right program and professionals with your company’s environment. Our professionalism and business understanding make for a seamless extension of the high standards you expect from a service provider.


Talk to Julie or Cinde about your goals for the program and we’ll put together a formal quote for you. Depending on the size and type of your event and number of staff or clients you’d like to serve, we will customize a program for your needs.

Generally, our clients want each participant in the program to receive at least 10 minutes of chair massage or up to an hour of table massage, depending on the occasion. We can transform any cubicle, break room, office or event booth into a mini-sanctuary.

**Ask about our repeat clientele discounts if a Corporate Massage Program is something your firm would like to do regularly.**

Fox River Spa Massage Therapists:
  • Are certified by accredited massage schools.
  • Are licensed by the State of Illinois under the Massage Therapy Licensing Act.
  • Have rigorous training in all aspects of massage therapy including therapeutic techniques, Swedish massage, deep tissue techniques, kinesiology and anatomy.
  • Carry liability insurance with minimum coverage of $1,000,000 per incident.
  • Are of the highest caliber in the profession.
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills.

Note: Our therapists are happy to accommodate Corporate Event branding needs by wearing promotional clothing you provide. Or you may request clothing of a particular color (for example, black or khaki pants, solid color shirts). Routine dress for events is our Fox River Spa uniform (black pants, black short sleeve Fox River shirt)

Pricing for on-site services is $150/hour, which includes travel and tip, with a 3 hour minimum.

Sample Quote:
3 therapists, 3 hours = $1350
That could be 27 20min massages and a fantastic corporate reward for a job well done.

For In-Spa corporate events and gifting for parties of 10 or more, please connect with Managers Tiffany or Kaitlyn for a custom quote.

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