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Well good evening, there!

How’s my lovely friend doing? 

It’s time for another check-in! Q4 – Year End is in sight! 

I hope you’re doing well, and I mean it. <3 

You know why I’m sincere in my care for you? Because you’ve been in our space. We’ve shared air. You’ve supported this business and our wonderful team of now 48! Eek! 

I hope YOU felt supported, seen, and heard when you were here – because it goes both ways. We’ve been feeling the love from new clients and OG Members alike.  


A Give & Give <3 

It’s a relationship we’re in, ya know? A positive, therapeutic, mutually beneficial relationship.  

You need a space for self care and relaxation, a place of health, wellness, & beauty – and we need a place to practice our craft, hone our skills, be helpful and kind – with clients like you, there, who value this work and choose to make Spa Days part of their schedules and budgets. 

We appreciate that. 

We see that things in our world are changing – and know people are being mindful. It’s a big deal to commit not both the money and TIME needed to take care of ourselves and each other. Our bodies, our skin, our mindset – it’s a process to “connect, heal, and grow”, it doesn’t happen without intention and attention.   

What’s cool to witness, is how our culture of professionalism and love is really starting to take hold. 

We’ve been getting feedback lately about how transformative a day with our team has been. It’s deep stuff. Guests are using words like: Life changing. A turning point. Cathartic. Rejuvenating. These are from recent reviews and they make my soul shine.  

Please know we’re trying to get it Just. Right. around here for you, and welcome any feedback or fine tuning on how we continue to add value both here and in our community. It’s my professional quest to figure out how we can serve individuals and the collective by delivering the best darn experience we can craft. 

It’s fun. It’s fulfilling. And it’s a valid way for BOTH of us to spend our time. 

So thank you, there for being part of our small business journey. It’s really getting fulfilling around here for us. I hope to see you again soon. 

Now, it’s time to:  


Finish Strong. 

Keep your eye on the ball. 

This is where discipline, routine, and support are all good things. 

You’ve got some good people in your corner. I’m one of them. Reach out if you need. Lord knows I’m not shy about it anymore, LOL I’m not meant to roll solo! It’s amazing what happens when you use your words. Needs get met. 

We’ve got a TON of stuff cooking over the next few months, and have saved a few blocks of time in the Salt Room if you wanted to book a small group meditation, yoga, or pamper party – let’s discuss! Holiday calendar is going to get tight! 

We have LOTS to share… Now that I’ve shared my heart, let me share my calendar! <3 

** Halloween GlowGa on Saturday Oct 29 @ 4pm: You bring the body, we’ve got the glow. Erika hosts this fun yoga class appropriate for all ages! $30 

** Botox, Brunch & ProCell on Sunday Nov 6, 9a-1p. $11/unit

 Welcome Nurse Ashley!

** Meditation, Chocolate, & Tea on Sunday Nov 6, 3:30p with Aslana $40

**Reiki Nidra With Crystal Bowls on Sunday Nov 6, 5:30p with Aslana $30

** Sip, Spa & Sound on Tues Nov 15 @ Village Vintner, $35

** Sip, Spa, & Sound on Tues Tues Dec 6 @ Village Vintner, $35

All of these events are listed on our App, Facebook, and our website. And you’re always welcome to call or text our friendly front desk if you want to hear it direct from them! Test their concierge skills! Ask them to make you a mint matcha tea on your next visit, they are delightful. 

One last thing – I’ve been working on the supreme value for our super regular consistent guests. A Founder’s Package that’s stacked with perks, freebies, and VIP Status for life! 

I finally got it dialed in. I hope you’ll check it out! 






Halloween Glowga! Saturday @ 4pm! 

You bring the body, 

we’ve got the glow

Saturday Oct 29, 4pm, $30




Dr. Arora and I have hit our one year anniversary with him as our Medical Director! 

We have found the PERFECT Nurse to join our team and offer more hours for injections. Ashley is a Nurse Practitioner who was an Esthetician for 10 years before entering the hospital system. 

She’s ready to exit that world and come back to her roots.

We’re sooo lucky to have talent like hers in our zip code! I didn’t think Dr. Arora would EVER let me hire anyone – he’s so picky! (For the record, we like that about him!)





We had SO MUCH FUN at our first post-covid Village Vintner Pamper Party yesterday. If you’re newer to our community, we used to do these monthly at the winery across the street, and would have over 50 people attend for a tasting, massage & manicures. 

Now, it’s Sip, Spa & Sound , with lovely singing bowls filling the winery and sharing with attendees about chakras, the theory behind them, and how vibration connects us all. 

We’ve got more scheduled in November & December, grab a friend and join us for a unique way to spend time together.  Tues Nov 15th or Tues Dec 6th, $35 per person. Wine, Massage, & Meditation session included. Call the Spa or book online 






Our Lead Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, & Esti Aslana has a fantastic voyage planned for Sunday Nov 6th with a Chocolate & Tea Meditation, honoring the plants and your body. 

Experience delightful pleasures with a chocolate meditation that will include exotic truffles specifically chosen for their alchemist properties. You will pick an affirmation card that is paired with its own truffle and a corresponding crystal to take home.

She will cover different types of breath and sampling of common forms of meditation that will fit into your lifestyle, as well as help you learn which meditation best suits you for now.

Followed by a tea circle.

Bring a journal to capture your musingsThis is meant to be introspective and interactive. 

Then she’s taking people on a sound journey reiki share with nidra yoga. This is an energetic expansion and relaxation experience you’ll not forget. This is a very passive receiving and requires no effort on your part. 

If you do both, I guarantee your nervous system will feel reset and rebooted, with you floating out of here. It’s going to be a thing, y’all. 




That’s it! You made it to the end! Congrats and Thank you! xoxo, Jb 




Abdominal therapy is specific Bodywork for reproductive & digestive  health. It encourages blood flow to the vital organs that helps improve  whole body health.
Our LMT Carolina has invested a significant  amount of time and energy into developing her technique for helping  people with this treatment. She has over 20 years experience as a  bodyworker and provides a holistic approach to healing that includes  emotions and spirit. 
First visit is 2 hours to allow for consultation and treatment, followup visits are 90 minutes. 

The rest of what I have to share with you there is our announcements about October Specials & events – including Nurse Ashley joining our practice as well! She had 10 years as an Esthetician at the Hard Rock in Tampa, FL and is now a Nurse Practitioner working 2 days a week here! She’s got a great intro offer for Botox, check it out!

We’d also love to see you at the Village Vintner winery on Tues Oct 11th or Tues Oct 25th for a Sip, Spa & Sound event! We’ll be doing mini-massages and sound baths chakra flows – will be super fun! Call us to reserve or book online!

Much Love,


Founder, Friend, and Human

224-241-8489 Spa