September newsletter


Hello you, how are things in your world?

We are settling into our new routine this month, with school, activities, and self-care. Hope your summer is winding down nicely as well.

I made a commitment to myself and my kids last year that I wouldn’t get manic busy again, and it’s hard to maintain a boundary in the schedule when you’ve got 10 irons in the fire! How many of you are looking at the calendar going, “How did I get so busy again?” Blank space in the schedule is required. #2021 #Allow

Please do me a favor, right now, and go block some time over the next four months with just some good ole blank space. Do it. Bust out the calendar and put a few xx’s in there… A few hours a month, just for you. You’ll get to that day and thank me for it!

I love business building and team development, but home is where the heart is.

My kids get momma bear a bit more present these days. I’m aware of what a luxury and privilege it is, that I’m able to do this, especially during the teenage years. We’ve been celebrating sisterhood this summer and it’s been magical.

The girls and I at our Mt Hood, Oregon; our Elburn Sisterhood Retreat; then Friday Night Lights @Jacobs HS

I’m constantly returning to a state of gratitude for being an American, for having an amazing team in our Spa, and for being part of the Algonquin community. We truly are so lucky. Clean water, no war zone, plenty of food… Man. All the blood sweat and tears over the last 8 years building this business and not giving up during the Covid era is starting to bear fruit. Thank you thank you, dear *|FNAME|*, for going on this journey with me!

I’m not sure if you have been following my side hustle: E-commerce expansion with Erica Farrell (former Spa Manager turned / Fox River Oils CBD Shopify master)? I’m proud to share she and I have formally launched an education based company to house both of our brands and support career development for licensed Spa & Salon professionals across the country! Lashes & CBD for the win! Education for the crown!

We are now fully credentialed in Illinois to offer Continuing Education hours for Estheticians, Cosmetologists, & Massage Therapists. We have a bunch of classes coming up just in time for license renewals!

This was a huge undertaking, submitting lesson plans and content development… the pivoted and adaptating we’ve done together over the last year has been awesome. Erica hit the ground running and just didn’t quit. Massive momentum and fantastic work ethic. Love you, E! Keep kicking butt! Please join me in congratulating her (and helping to build our socials) on Facebook or Instagram. <— Click those links to follow SpaPro and share some social-digital love. <3

In other business development, Dr. Steve and I have been kicking the tires on the vacant unit next door to us, wanting to expand his clinic area, add yoga and education space, a couple more treatment rooms, and a fancy drink station. Do a Thing, ya know?

Our goal is to become a wellness hub with all the bells and whistles, offering a multi-discipline holistic approach, but we need some additional medical professionals. I’ve hit pause on signing an expansion lease while we continue to develop relationships with other medical providers, and am actively open to collaborations and/or partnerships. If you’ve got a nurse injector, IV therapist, Naturopath, Napropath, or any other holistic or functional medicine practitioner looking to expand or follow their entrepreneurial dream, let’s talk!

We’re Looking Forward To A Smooth And Relaxed Next Couple Of Months While We Support Our Community In Enjoying Their Life And Their Beautiful Bodies As Much As Possible. 

Speaking of enjoying life and beautiful bodies, Maria had a healthy little girl! Congrats, Maria and Fam! Nellie is just perfect and we’re so happy for you! #NewAddition

We’ve Got TWO New Additions On The Fox River Spa Menu As Well! (#Goldstar For Transition There, JB)

AquaFlow Massage & ProCell MicroChanneling. Adding this facial to the menu is an absolute game changer for our MedSpa and we’re SO EXCITED to have this service available for those of you serious about skincare.

Microchanneling is like microneedling but with even smaller needles. It is AMAZING for acne & wrinkles, and delivers medical grade serums with human growth-factors deep into the skin. These serums amplify collagen production and promote scarless healing for fantastic results.

Best practice to see visible change in your skin is to do a series of treatments. We will be offering these in packages of 6, with 4 treatments recommended closely together, then 2 available for maintenance. Let’s get your skin looking fabulous by the holidays!

We will be hosting an Open House later in September, stay tuned for more info! Waiting on supplies to arrive before posting the date! There will be great deals during this event!

AquaFlow Massage is a luxurious and warm massage, performed with you laying face up on a water cushion. It’s very Lomi-Lomi and Esalen style, with long flowing strokes to soothe the body and mind. Using the water cushions allows for smooth access to the lower back and lateral edges of your torso, so your whole core can just melt. It’s lovely and feels awesome for anyone who can’t lay face down on the massage table. Highly recommend trying it!

Thanks For Being Part Of Our SpaTribe *|FNAME|*. You Are Appreciated, You Are Loved, And I’m Here For You, Too. Hit Me Up If You Need Anything. If I Can, I Do.