REOPENING Announcement – Phase 3 – Covid Protocols

REOPENING Announcement – Phase 3 – Covid Protocols

We’re baaaack,

It’s time to practice our craft.
Clock in and care for you. As always, in all the ways.

Our team is laser focused on helping you be your best self, inside and out. Our goal is to have your experience be rejuvenating and supporting, in any service you receive. We’re holding space for all the emotions, grey hairs, and pain you may be processing and hope to help you transform during your time with us.There’s power in a good hair day, and good bodywork is no joke either. This is serious business right here.

It’s time to add some (more) joy and self-care back into the routine.

We’ve adapted our protocols, our locations, and team schedules to make this here thing work in the ole Covid-Era. We’re following all the guidance to keep things safe and sanitary, as always, and are excited to get back into a routine!

I’m grateful and pleasantly exhausted after our first week back at the Carpentersville Salon. We were booked solid, and not being able to double book saved us. We needed the gaps to breathe and build our stamina back up!

In case you hadn’t heard, we’ve dedicated Fox River Salon to becoming the #1 destination for gorgeous hair in town, and are moving all Spa professionals over to Algonquin. All of the Spa rooms in Cville have plumbing in them, so it’s an easy Salon conversion to make. We’ll be able to create 10 more hair jobs with this remodel, and look forward to helping other Cosmetologists create their dream career.

There’s pro’s and con’s to every “job”, but one thing this pandemic has taught us, is that working with a solid corporate structure was super helpful in a crisis. None of my team struggled during shutdown, they were all willing to return to work, and I’m proud to have W-2’d everyone properly so they got the support they needed. “It’s a gosh darn pandemic!”

I’m even bringing my kiddo Missy into the business this summer, since all of her activities are cancelled and we’ve become pretty darn close. It’s a beautiful thing. Plus I hear we’re supposed to all be doing TikTok now… #puke She’s in charge of that.

I had the gals pop their masks off for 30seconds on Saturday so I could snap a quickie – I’ve already apologized to them for not giving them more notice to primp and prep… but I needed a group photo! Aren’t they awesome?!
Angie, Danielle, Cat, Carole, Charlie, & Maddie

Now we’re gearing the Algonquin Spa back up, with Massage, Microblading, Lip Blushing, Lash Extensions & Lifts, Facials, Waxing and Infrared Sauna on the menu there. We’re going to remodel that space as well, to allow for additional services in the future. Stay tuned on that one! 🙂

Kayla, Jessica, & Paula will be joining Kim, Maria, Jann, Claire, & Mayra this month at Algonquin. Lisa, Emily, Jill, Cinde, Eva, Tiffany, & Justin will be coming back once a few other things settle into place. If you need more info, please feel free to call, text, or email me! Online booking is live!

I’m truly blessed to have a team of career minded people that understand the why behind my choices, and trust the vision for long term success at both locations. Change can be hard, but it’s constant, and you gotta roll with it. Get informed, make a move. Like so many things in life, feel me?

If you’re not ready to receive high-touch services, I totally get it.
If you’d still like to support our small business, there’s a few things you can do:

1. Write a review on Google for either location:

Algonquin Spa
Carpentersville Salon

2. Invite your friends to like our Facebook pages:

Scroll across the top, and go to “COMMUNITY”
Click “ALL”
Wait 10-15 seconds for the invitations to send

3. Write a review on Yelp

– it’s as simple as that –

Supporting small businesses doesn’t require spending money. You can share, like and review us! It really means a lot! Thank you for everything you’ve done to help us get through this!

Can’t wait to see you around again,<< Test First Name >>.
In Positive Energy & Purpose,
JulieB, LMT
Owner/Operator Fox River Spa
Licensed Massage Therapist & Board Certified Educator

Mother, Daughter, Sister, Lover, Friend, Human
847-551-1220 Carpentersville
224-241-8489 Algonquin
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