November 2020 Newsletter

November 2020 Newsletter

I hope this email finds you well and good. I’m hunkered down with my 2 kids for the next week or so, cancelled travel plans for December, and am focused on being the best mom, business owner, and massage therapist I can be. That means keeping it simple and small, for now. This holiday season will be very different from our 20 people or more family dinners, but a worthy sacrifice. I want to be able to tell my clients I haven’t been taking unnecessary risks and they can feel safe in my hands. I’d like to acknowledge everyone who’s working with the public right now. I’m with you. Thank you. Keep doing what’s best for you and your family, I support the need to work as well as the need to isolate. We’re all over the spectrum around here.

As for our company, we are adjusting really well to a more simplified, one location flow. Thank you for all of your support as we made the decision. Now that we’ve moved into Tier 3 Mitigation, it’s absolutely reaffirmed that it was the right choice for us. 

Algonquin MedSpa & Dr. Steve are OPEN by appointment, with safe and sanitary protocols in place to be the healing sanctuary you need. Come enjoy quiet, drama-free self-care with our licensed professionals. We don’t talk politics, we don’t gossip – we create positive sacred space for your pain and stress to melt away in. It’s amazing what a good bodywork and a supportive connection can do for your mental and physical health. We’re grateful to be able to provide that for you. Thank you for your continued support as we get through these winter months.

We are limiting the number of people in our lobby, so are implementing “Invite to Enter Texting” with our front desk. When you arrive for your appointment, please text 224-241-8489 and let them know you’re here. They’ll reply with a “Welcome, come in” when they’re ready to breeze you through check-in and to your treatment room. You answer a few screening questions, sanitize your hands, take your temperature, and chill out.

Hope you take advantage of our online Gift Certificate Sale! You can print at home, or email directly to the recipient! Very rarely do I do discounts on gift certificates – usually I do a “value added” bonus instead… but this year is different. Keep it simple. Just use the code GIFT. Available online only. Enjoy.

Much love,
JulieB, LMT
Fox River MedSpa
Spa: 224-241-8489

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