July Newsletter

July Newsletter

We’re doing a thing!

     Before I get into sharing about our next adventure – I have to acknowledge and thank your care team for doing such an amazing job in June. For some guests, coming for a haircut or a massage was their first big outing in 2.5 months, and I’m so proud of how our staff operated with respect to that. We showed up as our highest and best selves this season. It was a beautiful thing to witness and participate in. We had over 175 new clients and did about 80% of our pre-shutdown volume. The whole month of June gave both my humanity heart and entrepreneur mind hope. Thank you – clients and staff both. I love you. I see you. We got this.

As we move forward, living our best lives, it’s clear we need to evolve. On so many levels, friends.

The world IS changing, and I want to be part of the positive influence. In order to do this for the long run, we need to be essential, and we need to be able to take insurance. SO – It’s time to become a full fledged MedSpa and quit playing around. I’ve been building this company, and this SpaTribe, for 7 years now, and I’m excited to formally welcome Dr. Steven Stachura to our clinic! 

Dr. Steve joins us with a wide range of chiropractic and acupuncture techniques to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. He’s been practicing for 7 years out of an office in Palatine, and brings an evidenced based and educational approach to holistic medicine. Plus, he’s one of the hardest working people I know and can keep pace with my crazy arse. He was ready to make the entrepreneurial leap and I was ready for a MedSpa partner! He brings a lot of great healthcare ideas and tools to the table and I’m so excited to have him with us.

Please join me in celebrating our company’s evolution at our Multi-Chamber Mixer on Thursday July 16th, 2020. It just so happens to be our 7 year anniversary, AND the fancy new Polish grocery store Deli4You is catering it, AND all of our cool locally owned and operated business friends will be participating in our “Socially Distant Parking Lot Party”. We’ll have a bags tournament, games, raffles, music, food, and fun. One lucky person will win FREE MASSAGE FOR A YEAR! According to my amazing contractor, JHC Painting & Remodeling, our remodel will be complete by then! 🙂 Yes, we are open during construction!

Hope to see you soon! Please enjoy our July Specials and have a fantastic day!! 
In Positive Energy & Purpose,
JulieB, LMT
Owner/Operator Fox River Spa
Licensed Massage Therapist & Board Certified Educator

MotherDaughter, Sister, LoverFriendHuman
847-551-1220 Carpentersville
224-241-8489 Algonquin
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