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Weight Loss

Semaglutide for weight loss is a safe, doctor-supervised medication that’s prescribed alongside lifestyle interventions for sustainable results.

Designed for your Biology, Not Willpower


Doctor supervised and prescribed for weight loss as part of a well-rounded approach for healthy, long-term results.

Semaglutide is a safe, doctor-prescribed GLP-1 medication that’s prescribed under the brand names Wegovy®, Ozempic®, and Rybelsus®. All Fox River MedSpa patients will be considered, as clinically appropriate, for GLP-1s as part of our holistic program.

We focus on the Four Pillars of Metabolic Health:




Emotional Health

Our Semaglutide weight loss program will medically help you take control of the food portion of metabolic health, so you can work on the other pillars alongside it.

Medication Access + Lifestyle Interventions = Sustainable Results

Our program includes weekly injections, daily texting for accountability, intuitive eating sessions, and yoga. 

Rebuild your relationship with food and your body to release unwanted pounds!

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Weight Loss Program Details

We start with a consultation and mutual understanding of how the program works.

We recommend a lower carb, clean eating lifestyle, with movement. This is NOT a starvation diet. Most patients will eat between 1200-1500 calories a day depending on lifestyle and goals.

We want you to be able to lose weight and then return to a medicine-free lifestyle once you’ve got healthier patterns in place. Semaglutide can be a great crutch to help reset your blood sugar, metabolism, and bring YOU and your beautiful body back into focus. Sometimes we just need a little help. Allow Fox River MedSpa’s team to give you the support you need, inside and out.  

Weekly Semaglutide Injections
Weekly Weigh-in / Daily Accountability
Healthy Recipes & Lifestyle Change support via text or email
10-pack of Yoga & Meditation classes ($200 value!) 
2 sessions of Intuitive Eating Resets ($170 value!)

$599/month (4 wks) or $1700 for 12 weeks ($100 savings)

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Semaglutide is a new weight-loss medication that has been gaining attention recently due to its effectiveness for many people. It works by suppressing hunger and cravings, which can help people lose weight. In addition, semaglutide has been shown to be more effective than other medications when combined with B12 supplementation. This combination of semaglutide and B12 can help people achieve their desired weight-loss goals in a safe and effective manner. 

This combination may even help reduce the risk of developing certain health conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. GLP-1s are clinically proven to reduce inflammation markers, leading to decreased inflammatory response and oxidative stress. CRP (C-reactive protein), a general inflammatory marker, is one marker we may follow during your Metabolic Reset.

If you’re looking for an effective way to lose weight, we may consider combining semaglutide with B12 supplementation for maximum results.

  • Curbs Appetite
  • Slow Digestion
  • Balances Blood Sugar Levels
  • Boosts Metabolism

Who is not a candidate for semaglutide usage?
Anyone under the age of 18.  Anyone pregnant or breastfeeding. Anyone diabetic or taking any diabetic medications. Anyone with pancreas or kidney disease. Anyone who has or has ever had a type of thyroid cancer called Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma (MTC) or an endocrine system condition called Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia type 2.

$599 for 4 weeks, or $1700 for 12 weeks with BONUSES INCLUDED: 10 Yoga Classes & 2 Intuitive Eating Sessions 

Designed to help boost metabolism and burn fat, the “Beat It” injection is meant to help support you on your journey to “beat” the frustrations and promote weight loss. By harnessing the benefits of B12, methionine, inositol, and choline. They work together to raise energy levels and support healthy weight loss.

$25 per shot or 5 for $75

Our Intuitive Eating Reset session at Fox River MedSpa is a unique service designed to help you explore your relationship with food and develop a healthier, more balanced approach to eating. Led by our seasoned meditation teacher and wellness professional, Pamela, this session combines meditation, consultation, and energy healing techniques to help you reset patterns associated with emotional eating, stress eating, and/or binge eating.

During the session, Pamela will guide you through a series of meditative exercises designed to help you connect with your body and your emotions. This will help you to identify patterns of behavior and thought that may be contributing to unhealthy eating habits. Through gentle energy healing techniques, she will help you release any negative emotions or beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

Pamela will also provide personalized consultation to help you identify the underlying factors that may be driving your unhealthy eating habits. Whether it’s stress, anxiety, depression, or other emotional issues, she will work with you to develop a plan to address these issues in a healthy way. By addressing the root causes of your unhealthy eating habits, you’ll be better equipped to make lasting changes and develop a healthier relationship with food.

By the end of the session, you’ll have a renewed sense of awareness and control over your relationship with food. You’ll feel empowered to make healthier choices and be more attuned to your body’s needs. Whether you’re struggling with emotional eating, stress eating, or binge eating, our Intuitive Eating Reset session can help you break free from these patterns and achieve a healthier, more balanced approach to eating.

Two 30 minute sessions are included with the $1700 Paid In Full 12 week package. 

Additional sessions as requested: 

30 minutes – $85 
60 minutes – $120 


Where do I have lab work done and what labs will be tested?

Dr. Arora can send an order for you to do your labs at your closest Quest or LabCorp, with your primary care provider, or at another local health care facility. 

Below is a quick recap of the labs we may require, as well as the labs that are optional but highly encouraged. 


  • Kidney function test (Cr/GFR) taken within the past 12-months
  • Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) or fasting glucose test taken within the past 6 months
  • Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) test taken within the past 6-months

Optional, but recommended:

  • Lipid panel (to check cholesterol levels)
  • Comprehensive metabolic panel (to assess your baseline kidney and liver function)
  • Fasting insulin test (to check for insulin resistance)
  • High sensitivity C-reactive protein test (Hs-CRP, to evaluate inflammation)

If you’d prefer to do your labs at home through mail order lab testing services, the estimated cost is an additional $270. Home lab services are usually not covered by insurance but can be FSA / HSA eligible, depending on your coverage. Email our team if you want to talk more about your lab options.

*Results may vary. Your actual weight loss will be determined by many factors, including, but not limited to: your medical circumstances, the plan you choose, adherence to the meal plan and use of nutritional supplements. Your goal and program duration information will be given to you in writing at the time of enrollment. As your program progresses, the rate you lose weight may change and you will have the opportunity to discuss this at every visit with your weight loss consultant, where changes to your meal plan and/or program can be made.

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JulieB (as they call her around the Spa) is the fun and energetic owner of Fox River MedSpa. Returning to the Chicago suburbs after 9 years with the 5 Diamond Bellagio Spa in Las Vegas as their Lead Therapist & Nationally Certified Educator, she has returned home with her family to fulfill her entrepreneurship dream locally. With 20 years of bodywork experience that started at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA, Julie loves sharing her passion for massage and all things Spa. After the pandemic hit, she partnered with Dr. Steve and added a gorgeous clinic for chiropractic services and holistic healing in Algonquin.  She specializes in Sports and Thai Massage, helping her guests increase range of motion and flexibility in a therapeutic and relaxing blend of techniques. She is licensed to perform lymphatic drainage, prenatal, and many types massage. With her resort leadership background and commitment to excellence, Julie has brought the 5 Star experience and top level of service with her to Fox River Spa. Besides building her business, Julie loves spending time with her 4 daughters, making music, golfing, and volunteering with Dollars For Scholars 501©3.


Registered Nurse, certified injector, Weight Loss Counselor

Years in the Industry: 17
Hometown: Hoffman Estates, IL

Nicole Cole BSN, RN , Certified Aesthetic Injector with 17 years of nursing experience. 10 years specializing in diet and nutrition, including 7 years as an Aesthetic Injector.

Graduated from Aurora University with top honors with Bachelor of Science Nursing and Bachelor of Business Administration. Began Nursing career at Alexian Brothers hospital working in the Intensive/Critical Care Unit for 4 years.  After working in the hospital, Nicole transitioned into Medical Safety Nurse Analyst Role. Working at Abbott Labs for 5 years involved assessing, analyzing, and processing adverse events/side effects of medications produced by Abbott Labs.After ending a career at Abbott Laboratory, Nicole began developing her skills personally and professionally in Nutrition, Diet, Exercise, Physical Medicine, and Aesthetics. Began working at MHC Medical a primary care facility with subspecialties in physical medicine, sports medicine, diet/nutrition and hormone replacement therapy. During this time Nicole began training in nutrition/diet (including HCG and hormone replacement therapy), exercise and physical medicine. Within her time at MHC worked in marketing/development and participated in health screenings and educational seminars.After moving Nicole began working at Dr. Greenspon Medical, Weight Loss and Aesthetics for 5 years. She was working at a high acuity primary care office with subspecialties consisting of weight loss management, nutrition and skin care Here Nicole brought her knowledge in diet and nutrition and honed her skills. Here, she began school at National Laser Institute for botox and injectables. Shadowing a top injector in the field of aesthetics, Nicole trained in BBL/IPL laser therapy, microneedling, PRP/PRF injections, and PDO threading.

Nicole then worked within Skinovatio as Nurse Injector and Trainer.  Also freelancing at various offices performing variety different skin treatments.

Most recently Nicole has been working here and quest diagnostics. Nicole loves spending time with a 4 year old daughter and enjoying life! Nicole loves to exercise, play sports and cook. She looks forward to bringing her experience and ideas to Fox Fiver Med Spa and grow with the company.


Esthetician, lash artist, assistant manager

Years in the industry: 4
Hometown: Elgin

JoyAnn has been in the industry for 7 years, she decided to pursue a career in esthetics after working a spa front desk job and she witnessed the amazing things estheticians were doing for their client’s confidence & overall happiness. JoyAnn is passionate about caring for others whether it’s in a personal or professional environment; she loves providing result orientated services and specializes in microdermabrasion & eyebrow shaping/tints. On top of being an exceptional esthetician she is also a loving mother, a passionate plant lover. She loves to enjoy time outdoors; camping, gardening, going for walks, and when weather is poor she likes to hide indoors cooking or cuddled up on the couch with her variety of pets.

Specialties – Elleebana Lash Lift & Tint, Full Body Waxing (comfortable working with both hard and soft waxes), PCA Skin certified – Peels, Anti-Aging, Acne, Microdermabrasion, Ultrasonic & Deep Pore Detox

Schedule – Flexible


Nurse Practicioner

Years in the Industry: 16
Hometown: Crystal Lake, IL

Ashley, APRN joins us with over 10 years experience as an Esthetician and 6 years as a RN. She has a deep passion for skin care and looks forward to providing clients with anti-aging beauty treatments.