Hello Lovelies!

Oh September. You’ve tested me.

It’s cool though.
I feel like I’ve been under construction for like 40 years, so, what’s a little road work? It’s kind-of symbolic. LOL We’re actually pretty excited to get this Huntley Road/Route 31 project underway and finally handled. We’ve even made a few new construction clients and walk-ins from locals who had never slowed to actually look into the strip mall here. Got a fancy quote in the paper about it too! Keeping it positive, people! :)For the record, I did our next fun Employee Spotlight video on the amazing Licensed Massage Therapist Jessica – but we agreed it wasn’t quite up to par. #underconstruction(gonna play that card a lot over the next year) (lol don’t hate me) SO I owe y’all 2 videos next time. Hold me accountable peeps!I love sharing about the talented craftspeople we have on staff, and next week’s Deal Week is a great chance to experience them!

Book Now

Homecoming is this Saturday for D300 – we have just a few appointments left in the afternoon if you were planning on having your hair, makeup, or nails professionally done I would recommend calling or booking online asap. I’m sure there’s some logic to having them all on the same day but dang. LOL #busybusy

Hope you all have a great end of the month and we look forward to taking care of you again soon!

Much love to all,

JulieB, LMT

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