Top ‘O The Morning to Ya, Lovelies!

Man oh Man, February was FULL of LOVE! What a month! We took care of over 825 clients last month – a new Spa record. I’m actually looking forward to settling into somewhat of a routine now that the big seasonal swings have passed. Allegedly. I forgot there’s Prom and Bridal coming next, LOL. Oh. And then Spring Break. Goodness Gracious.

But seriously though, if you feel you’ve been going at 100 miles an hour so far this year, you’re not alone. The energy of 2018 has been electric and alive, with lots of things happening at once. Per usual, I suppose. But things feel amplified these days… in a good way.

The key to success – or at least for me lately – is in the PAUSE. That little time-out where I breathe and reflect, even if it’s just for a few minutes. By taking an eagle-eye view and perspective from above, looking for ways I can be helpful & useful to my clients, my crew, and my community, I’m able to come back to the center and really be effective in my day.

So with that, we’ve been having a lot of education and self-care happening around here! I’ve got so much to update you on!

Just last week 8 of us took a Cupping Massage class together! This ancient method of vacuum therapy works on many levels with the body to promote healing, circulation, and release. I learned SO MUCH about Chinese medicine, meridian and energy theory, as well as some nerdy science stuff… it’s my new fave.

Try it for free as part of your massage with any of our newly certified therapists this month!

Free Cupping Add-On Valid with: Alma, Julie, Justin, Kyle, Lyndsey, Lynn, Maria & Paula

Our Biggest Loser group is in it’s final 4 weeks of Health & Wellness, shrinking together and really solidifying some positive healthy habits. We’ve lost over 60 pounds as a group and the Tuesday night support/accountability has been super effective! I’m in love with my Isagenix shakes and grateful to my Coaches Cinde & Danielle for pushing me to stay on track! #ReformedPartyGirl We’ll do another round this summer if there’s enough interest. 🙂

The other part of Spa life I’ve got to share is our expanded Facial Menu! You asked for quick results in a short amount of time, we answered.

The Glo-N-Go Facial offers a big impact during a short service, and allows you to dip your toes into the life and skin changing world of chemical exfoliation. It’s like a baby peel, with no flaking or down time. We feed your skin with a nutritive mask followed by a blend of gentle acids that help to brighten & tighten the skin. The result is a visibly radiant & hydrated complexion, fresh for Spring. 30min, $75 – perfect for a lunchtime treatment or add-on to other services!

Hope you all are doing something that nourishes your soul these days. I know I am.

Love to all,
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PS – SO, I got all inspired this month and volunteered to be the Community Champion for Dundee Crown High School’s Incubator Program! You know I LOVE everything entrepreneur-related, and I’ve been coaching these kids for 3 years now about “Implementation Strategy & Gantt Charts” so when the torch needed to be passed, I picked it up. D300’s Pathways are pretty cool, and the INCubator is my fave. So, we’ll be hosting an amazing Brewmaster’s Dinner @ Emmett’s on Thurs April 26th if you’d like to join us to learn more! Save the date!