March newsletter


Hey there, are you planning your garden yet?

When things get a little nutty and feel out of control, I do what I do best. Create. Build something, plant something, or create an impact is my way to get back to good. Action. I think it’s a lot of people’s way. Spending too much time scrolling socials and consuming news is not our best look, right? LOL – didn’t we learn this through Covid?
  Even with the invasion of Ukraine and economic challenges coming in, we just keep doing the things. When I focus on my surroundings, and the ways in which I can serve my immediate world, so far it has worked out ok. Even when it’s not totally ok, it’s still ok. Grateful to be here, with clean water and relative peace. 

So here’s my latest side quest, occupy your mind and spirit with something positive project: my little indoor grow (no, it’s not weed – it’s tomatoes, beans, peas, and money trees) 

Besides taking care of my plants, we’ve been busy taking great care of our guests, submitting for permits for next door (waiting on Village approval to begin construction), and sharing our skills across the board.Cinde hosted a lovely Cupping class last week, Erica hosted a Lash Lift training, we’ve got a Pregnancy Massage class on Sunday, and then the AMTA convention in 2 weeks! I’m honored to have been invited as an educator for Ayurvedic massage and look forward to meeting a whole bunch more LMT’s and bodyworkers at Eagle Ridge Resort in Itasca!

Staying committed to continuing education, evolving in skills and protocols to grow together as a team is how our business has made it this far. We value your feedback and truly appreciate it when you take the time to share what you love and what needs fine tuning in your experience in our space. Thank you for being part of our entrepreneur journey and allowing us to take great care of you! 
We’d love to have you in again soon! Spring Break is coming up, and we usually sell out that week – please give us a call or get in here sooner rather than later if you’d like to take advantage of some time off for yourself!