Jan 2021 Newsletter

Jan 2021 Newsletter

How are you doing this fine Friday? Thank you to everyone who’s been keeping in touch and doing the things! I love connecting and sharing the stories. Keep ’em coming!

I did some deep processing and reflecting earlier this month, spent some time strategizing with Dr. Steve & Manager Erica, and am enjoying moving forward. I wrote a deep blog post about being a lighthouse I shared here if you want to read some ponderings. Getting back into writing creatively and inspirationally this year as we continue to re-grow our business. Gotta feed both sides of the soul, ya know? I had planned on doing a detailed “2020 Recap & Report”, we’re basically 25% down but going to be just fine. We have some big news to share so am going to keep this focused on the here and now. New chapters all around.

So here’s what’s up: FACIALS ARE BACK! Yay. Good job Illinois handing the numbers and the virus so we can get back to practicing our skincare <3. Facials for everyone! Our Feb special that I’ll make available to you now, dear newsletter readers, is: Book any facial $100 or more and add a 30min massage for just $30! ($20 savings – and yes you can use your $10off Member discount on the facial as well. The facial just has to have an original price of $100 or more #doubledip)

Second big announcement: We’re growing, again! Dr. Susan Lombardi MD of Balanced Healthcare in Naperville is joining our clinic starting in February! She has 20+ years experience in internal medicine/integrative wellness and will be offering her specialized services on Wednesdays. We’re going to start with an introductory Botox party on Feb 3rd and go from there with the rest of her amazing menu additions. Looking forward to helping more people in our community with some of the challenges of aging and advanced wellness care.

you can read more about Dr. Susan and her services at : https://www.balanced-healthcare.com/
It’s a new year, new deductible season! Have you had a consultation with Dr. Steve yet on chiropractic care and what’s going on with your insurance? Schedule a complimentary review and pick his brain to help set some goals for taking great care of that beautiful body this year. If your insurance is rough, we have great cash pay packages for therapy, and of course our great Membership plan for lower prices on regular massage. Make self-care a priority and your body will respond. “Where the attention goes, the energy flows, and results will show.” That’s a JB original right there. #patentpending 😉 

February Specials are going to be all about sharing the love. 

Double referral bonus credits: $20 instead of $10 – Send us your peeps!

Take Home the Love: CBD Massage Kit with simple 10 minute video instruction link to follow along with made by yours truly, $50 ($100 value!). No massage table needed!  

Add on a 30-minute Massage to any $100+ facial for just $30 ($20 savings!)


But wait, there’s more! Our wonderful team can earn cash bonuses when you share the love online! For each new personal mention Google or Yelp review in Feb, they get $10. Help your favorite teammate pad their paycheck, and grow their book of business, by letting the world know what value you received or positive change you felt from your session. 

Last big announcement: Please join me in congratulating Kaitlyn on her promotion to Front Desk Manager!

(I wanted her title to be 
“Goddess of All Bookings” but she declined).

Kaitlyn joined us after shutdown/re-open in June, and proved herself rather quickly as calm, capable, and a proactive problem solver. Once she got the whole “tetris” of Spa booking down and helped fine-tune capacity limits/sanitation schedules, I knew she was going to be a long term asset. She’s really into self-care and actively shares her postivity to create an awesome work environment. The woman never has a bad day, seriously. Heart.Of.Gold. Then, when Dr. Steve joined up and we had to learn a whole new EHR Medical and Insurance Billing system, she really let that brain shine. Kaitlyn is book-nerd SMARTAnd the team loves her. Which is always helpful in front desk management, LOL. Truly collaborative, truly committed to 5-star service, and reliable as heck, I’m so glad to have her on board with us as Front Desk Manager. Congrats girl, you deserve it. Appreciate you. 

– PLUS – this gives my ride or die entreprenuer-minded & e-commerce bestie” Erica the opportunity to work from home more and maximize our internet schtuff. www.elleebanalashes.com & www.foxriveroils.com are on a roll these days!

It’s coming together people, it’s coming together. 

Hope things in your world are looking up, too.
I’m here for you.
I do what I can… and if I can, I do.  (That’s a Kim Wood, LMT original) #creditgiven

Keep up the good work. Thank you for your continued support of our business and our world! 

Your friend, 
JulieB, LMT

Fox River MedSpa
Spa: 224-241-8489

PS – Our massage team is growing, too! Justin, who helped me open the Spa in 2018 returns as a closer during the week and Sabrina is joining our team from a clinic in Spring Grove. She’s got 6 years experience and just moved to the area. Her audition was absolutely amazing and I’m so excited to have her with us! We’re ALMOST back to pre-covid staffing levels. Just need a few more Sunday and closing shifts filled… hint hint if you’re an LMT and want a great place to work! <3

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