Fall Events & More

Fall events, chamber mixer, self-talk, and more

Hello you, doing my due diligence on marketing here <3

Accountability. Consistency. Planning. Execution.

Do the things, Julie! Send the emails. Be the Voice. Put your head down and focus! Your company needs you! Argh! LOL The struggle is real!

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What does your self talk look like?

I’m really paying attention to that internal game these days. The stories we tell ourselves and messages we send inside and out are so powerful. I don’t let my clients say “I’m a hot mess” anymore. Stop that

Sometimes that critical little voice is motivating when inspiration fades, and sometimes she’s just a nag. We all know what needs to be done, it’s just a matter of doing it. Keep going, tydytk. Whatever that mission you’re on that has your heart, keep after it. Eye on the prize. End game, baybee, end game. Safe harbor and beautiful shores. I see you.

Keeping that spiritual stamina up and mojo vibe high – it’s what we small business owners and leaders do! Actually, it’s what a LOT of humans in all kinds of different roles do.

It’s awesome being this complex conscious being. We get to use so many different parts of our brains and develop so many different skill sets. So here’s me using my marketing skills and discipline… We’ve got lots going on!


MedSpa Skincare launch next week!

Tuesday Oct 26th – Procell, Botox, Dr. Arora & Microchanneling Open House

This is huge for our company! Taking skincare to a whole new level and working with an experienced partner. Dr. Arora is a welcome addition to Tuesdays with us and offers Botox, Fillers, PRP, microneedling, and more. You can book him online or call the Spa to schedule. His consultations are complimentary.

As a small business owner with a passion for side quests and volunteering, as well as (now) firm boundaries on family time, there’s lots of little things that slip through the cracks or just plain old don’t get done.

I’m working hard on duplicating some of my skill set with Spa Managers Kaitlyn & Tiffany, but training on the high level stuff takes time.

These gals are mastering the art of Excel report functions and Spa Management every day! They give me much needed breathing room by taking such great care of our team. I see them leveling up continuously and am so proud. Next time you see them, tell them they rock.

But some things you just can’t farm out or delegate. Like being the voice of your company. <3

Please join us, along with Dr. Steve at Moretti’s next month if you’d like to hear more of HIS voice. LOL I’m going to put him in the hot seat and make him share some of his stories for once! Do you know why he became a Chiro? Or how we ended up as partners after shut-down? Good times!

We’ve also got our a Holiday Mixer planned for November with both Kane County & Algonquin Chambers of Commerce! We’ll be opening up the Pamper Party Menu, providing food and drink, and mingling it on up. Please join us! You don’t have to be a Chamber Member or Spa Member to attend, all are welcome if you’d like to meet more people in our business and leadership community in a beautiful Spa setting. <3