Dec 2020 Holiday Newsletter

Dec 2020 Holiday Newsletter

How are you doing today? Like, for real for real. Respond to me if you want to share, I’ll write back, I promise. With the amount of remote work I’m doing, I’ve got time to actually have a conversation and connect over email. Have you been checking in with yourself though, lately? With your head, your heart, your gut? Have you been able to pause and reflect, asses your surroundings? What does your body need? What do YOU need? Is there anything we can do to help each other? Our company is deeply entrenched in this community, and I want you to know we’re here for you!

Now that Dr. Steve and I have had our first fully credentialed, official MedSpa quarter of business together, (woot woot, go Doc!) this is a question we’ve been asking each other and our team often. Who are we as a company? What is our end-game goal & vision as a Chiropractic and Bodywork based business? What do our people want and need? What does our staff want and need? How can we make it all come together in a cohesive and functional way?

I’d like to take a moment and celebrate a few wins this season… We did it. We pivoted. Exponentially grew our e-commerce sales, formed a MedSpa partnership, did all the insurance billing schtuff, completed a remodel, installed some pretty amazing equipment, made some tough choices, and successfully executed a plan.

And we did these big bold moves during a pandemic that had some pretty tough days. Remote learning, getting Covid, financial stress, closing the Salon, good lord. Kudos to Dr. Steve and our team for leaning in, staying focused, and marching down this path with me. I’m so grateful and humbled by the faith others put in my ability to lead… I truly don’t feel worthy, I just keep showing up…  At times, I can be like a bulldozing force of nature trying to make a thing happen – but gosh darn it – sometimes that’s the type of energy you need to move the freaking needle. My manic moments can serve. I’ve gotten so much better at balancing them out. I will share, my level of self-awareness and personal reflection has increased so much during this chapter… the entrepreneur journey is a never ending cycle of lessons, leveling up, and continuing forward. I hope you, too can feel, or have felt, the deep satisfaction of learning things about yourself and making positive changes.   

Because alongside the high-vibe push of creation and pivoting, there’s the quiet times. The swing back to breath. Back to a quiet dark room, creating sacred healing space, and doing a limited amount of massage. I feel our whole team has leveled up their level of care… being SUPER present, ultra-compassionate, and just GIVING. Allowing you, << Test First Name >>, to receive. Long term regulars of ours have been commenting more and more “Dang, that’s the best one yet!” “That was EXTRA magical today!” And I think it’s because of an increased awareness of your needs. Our tanks are full, and runneth over in our sessions.

We’ve been successful in recruiting some FANTASTIC additional staff for the MedSpa. Dr. Steve now has 3 well trained, well credentialed and experienced professionals working side-by-side with him in the clinic. Bre, Amena, and Lissa all come from Chiropractic backgrounds and have worked in other successful clinics. We feel so honored they chose to continue their careers with us.

I’m ready for 2021 to be a year where we really get comfortable in our flow, and just cruise. A little bit of riding the wave of momentum we’ve created now would be nice. I don’t know that I’ll ever coast through life, but I wouldn’t mind a little smooth sailing next year. <3

As my mom would always say: “Be Energetic & Useful”

Much love,
JulieB, LMT
Fox River MedSpa
Spa: 224-241-8489

PS – This will probably be the last gift card reminder of the year from me. I’m not a big spammer, and I like my newsletters to be personal – but I gotta do my marketing due diligence! I hope you think of us when you think of gifts to give to others. Everyone needs some bodywork, and we do pretty good at making even the most skeptical guest understand how an awesome Spa day is more than just a “treat”.  Thank you for trusting us with you and your people. We love what we do and are glad it shows.

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