Be a Lighthouse.

Be a Lighthouse.

It’s time for a long post… All of my life’s work, my inner work, has led me here.
There’s a reason I’ve walked this twisted path I’ve walked. High volume massage therapist, linguistically gifted lover of books and numbers, reformed party girl turned mom and entrepreneur… I see me… finally
In my 20+ year career, I’ve held sacred space for all walks of life, from all over the world. Created bonds of immediate intimacy and shared vibes. Withheld judgment. Touched people. At least 10,000 unique souls, probably closer to 12k. I’ve literally, physically, expressed love and acceptance for 10,000 humans, in chunks of 60mins or more, through my hands. I’ve offered my skilled presence as focused support for their personal peace and healing, on an internal cellular and spiritual level. This is no small feat.
I’ve flirted with the fringe. Danced with addiction. Played in the shadows. Wallowed in despair. And yet, somehow, thrived amidst the chaos. My nicknames have included Hurricane Julie, Action Jackson, and Frank the Tank… I’ve been an outcast, I’ve been a leader. I’ve been a failure, I’ve been a success. I’ve enjoyed so much joy. And now, at age 43, I’ve been able to find peace in the center of a storm. I now understand why. I was literally born for this.
Our world needs the lighthouses. The calm ones in the center. The ones who have been thick in the chaos, who can understand the depth of human experiences, the spectrum of perspectives, and have developed compassion… experienced grace. It was not me, in the past. It’s who I’ve become through this past year’s journey. My place in this world has crystalized.
I can see why both BLM and Trump supporters rioted. Both sides want justice. Both sides want transparency in leadership. Both sides fear for their children’s future. They all crave connection and community. It’s so clear to me – we’re all actually on the same side. Humanity’s side.
We lighthouses in the center need to develop and share this message. People become radicalized and go to extremes because they care so much, they want to feel so much, and they’re angry scared… we all need to have a purpose and passion. We are wired for it. Adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin – all these juicy chemical reactions when we’re operating for what we think is a higher good are PRIMAL and ENERGIZING. It’s contagious, and useful. Especially when activated for our tribe, our family. It’s how we got this far…
We need more lighthouses. I know many of my personal network are quiet, consistent, stable and strong. Thank you. Please keep going. Keep sending the vibe to all of humanity…
Come this way. Come to the calm in the center and focus that energy on positive change. We see you. We hear you. We have the same goals as you – justice, safety, transparency, community, opportunity, health, wealth – there’s enough for everyone, truly – we are capable of self-governance and personal responsibility, and it’s not too late… we can create systems that work equitably, for all walks of life and all types of thinking – we can do this, Humans. I’m with you.
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