August Newsletter

August Newsletter

Hello Lovelies!

Hi & Howdy! I sincerely hope your “Corona Journey” has been as good as possible.

Navigating communication and developing our business post-shutdown has been quite the roller-coaster!

 I find myself second guessing what, or how much, to share. The wide range of opinions, emotions and politics among our wonderful Spa Tribe has got me treading lightly. I appreciate this full spectrum of life, and I’m mindful of how diverse our experiences and perceptions are. Bottom line is, we’re all going through it, and we’ve got to keep on truckin’. It’s a gosh darn pandemic. I can’t live in fear, and I’ve got to trust my instincts. These kiddos need me.

As always, I’m going to do my best to come from a place of respect and love, and seek to simply speak my good ole transparent truth. If you want to hear a story, read on. If you just want to check out our August specials and see our life in pictures, scroll on down! 🙂 We’ve got some great deals on Olaplex Hair Treatments and Lash Lifts this month.

So what had happened was… I got the ‘Rona.
Vid-Positive, yo.

I was pretty vocal on Facebook about it. (Click here to see)

For me, it was a 36 hour flu with a 3 day headache and lower back pain. Thank you body, I love you. You did your job. If this had happened during my darker, less healthy, times (March & April), I’m not sure how quickly the virus would have moved through me.

I’ve turned the corner on how I am going to show up in this Era and here was my chance to prove it. Walk the walk on a cellular level. Truth be told, I’ve been eating lots of fresh home-grown veggies, clean proteins, and great supplements. Plus, I’m madly in love, my mental health is (currently LOL) on point, and I have faith in humanity and our path forward. I think I was pretty well set up, internally & externally, to kick Covid’s arse. Shout out of love to this piece of man-candy that’s captured my heart. Poor thing had to quarantine with me and kick Covid’s arse, too. Something to be said for having proper support, y’all. Thank you, Larry. xoxo (I know, I know, fresh feels give me the pukes, too. Can’t help it. #smitten)

My heart is holding space for those of you still feeling the deep anxiety and trauma right now. This isn’t easy. Change can be challenging, and it’s time to make the world a better place. We’ve got this. Hold on. Stay focused on what’s important. Bodies, Breaths, Families, Earth… Let’s figure it out… Keep going and growing, in all the ways… I believe it’s time for some huge systemic changes, on many levels, and I’m here to help support, nudge, lovingly influence, and vote… Showing Up To The Table… I’m here, people. Let’s sit down and figure out the things… LOL Oh man, now you’ve got me going on a whole tangent… Finish the story, JB… Focus… We can circle back to that later…

OK! So, we had to cancel our 7th Anniversary Parking Lot Party, shut down both locations (again), and had all of our staff get tested. Everyone was negative, along with all of my personal clients and guests of the Spa. Yay. Our protocols work. I was so relieved and thankful. We just hunkered down and isolated until cleared to re-open on Friday July 24th to a spaced-out yet sold-out weekend. We continue to stagger our appointments, sanitize, mask, and temp check – and are grateful to be practicing our craft of caring for you.

Going through a second shutdown was another chance to reflect on who we are as a company, and who I am as an entrepreneur. We ALL need a safe sanctuary for taking care of our beautiful bodies – and each other! Dr. Steve, our MedSpa partner, got a dive deep into leadership of our team and learn on the fly how to help me manage operations. I knew he was smart as heck with a great set of hands, but I got to see his fantastic work ethic and calm demeanor really shine through. Welcome to a trial by fire #SpaLife immersion, Dr. Steve. Way to handle it! (PS – I don’t care if you have 7 years experience. You’re not a real Chiropractor until you have a picture posing with a spine.)


We are almost finished setting up our spinal therapy clinic, and have a fancy digital x-ray being installed next week. If you’d like to be one of his first 100 complimentary clients while we figure our flow out, we’d love your feedback as we fine tune our new processes! Just email, call, or text us to be put on his list, and as soon as that x-ray is installed, we’ll be going live! 🙂

In the meantime, I hope you’re taking great care of yourself, inside and out. Helping where possible and asking for help when needed. Our Salon has been cranking out beautiful hair, as usual, and with our remodel we have room for 4 more Stylists! I know there’s a lot of Salons closing and we’d be happy to connect with experienced professionals who want a stable W-2 position. Look at some of our recent beauties:

Happy hair days from Danielle (top) & Charlie (bottom)!

Big shout out of love to my Sister Circle – we should be drumming, singing and dancing this weekend – instead, tonight I light a fire and play guitar with my babies.

Peace to all! See you around the collective!

A couple of other feel good updates: Congrats to Microblader Mayra & Massage Therapist Eva on closing on their new homes!

Congrats to Massage Therapist Jessica & Stylist Charlie & on their Promotion to Level 2!

Congrats to Natalie for earning a position as Manager! We look forward to working with her, Cat, & Erica for many years to come! <3
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Hope you all have a lovely day!
Be energetic & useful. The world needs you!
~JulieB, LMT
Owner/Operator Fox River Spa
Board Certified Massage Therapy Educator
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