August Newsletter – Lead Stylist Carole Promotion & Summer Specials

August Newsletter – Lead Stylist Carole Promotion & Summer Specials

Hello Lovelies!
OMG It’s August.
This is insane – summer has seriously FLOWN by!
I hope for you that this month will be filled with soaking up the good weather! I know a lot of us parents and students will be preparing for change. Change of schedules, seasons, sports, focus… I encourage you to pause and just let it simmer. Don’t rush to the next season. Allow yourself to enjoy the moment, even when you know something different is around the corner. ‘Cause things are always changin’, there’s nothing new about that. Might as well enjoy when and where you’re at.

And if you have trouble just enjoying the moment, we have services and treatments to help you. Did you know you can share that as a goal with your Esthetician or Massage Therapist? Our team is trained to help you “drop into” your body, your experience of the moment, to increase your awareness of self and your ability to be fully present. It’s a skill and a gift we enjoy passing on. Don’t be afraid to tell us you’re here for more than just relaxation and pampering, we like helping people get to a deeper experience of life. We can be woo-woo weirdos and vibe out on another level. It’s cool. #spatribe

Speaking of experiencing life on a deeper level – Lead Stylist Carole has been leaning into her career here with us somethin’ fierce and has truly evolved into the amazing Salon leader we needed. I know we just had a promotion announcement at Algonquin last month with Cinde, but dang girl, Carole’s been CRUSHING IT at the Salon and earned herself a LEVEL 3!!

Confession: When we opened Fox River Spa & Salon, I had NO CLUE how different the challenges are with managing a Salon & Cosmetologists versus managing a Spa & Massage Therapists/Estheticians. Bellagio taught me plenty about the Spa. The Salon is a whole different beast, a beautiful hair filled sometimes neurotic beast.

Carole helped me learn and grow, personally and professionally, more than any other teammate I’ve had. She gave me permission to be myself, lead the Salon in my loving way, and then worked with me on concrete details of actions and behaviors that are effective in supporting a team of Cosmetologists. Because let me tell you – Salon is a VERY DIFFERENT vibe! Creating happy hair days and glorious hair power is AWESOME and FUN and DIFFICULT at times! I would almost call massage “easy” compared to hair – since there’s no visual aspect and it’s literally how you make the client FEEL – but Spa ain’t easy either, people… I have a whole novel on this topic (Salon client happiness vs. Spa client happiness), so I’ll save that for a random rambling blog post…

So, (focus Julie, focus!) how did Carole become so awesome at communication, leadership, and supporting me & our hair team? Let me tell you her story! 🙂

Carole grew up in Schaumburg and was part of their vocation program (much like our D300 pathways!) and graduated Cosmetology school before even graduating high school! This woman has loved hair a LONG TIME! 
Carole used her fabulous skills to supplement her family with a home based Salon, Studio C, and enjoyed flexibility while raising her beautiful daughters. They all enjoy Dunkin coffee together. Often. lol see pic above 🙂 After 24 years of Studio C, she has happily made the decision to fully immerse into Fox River Salon and closed her home based business. She truly enjoyed loving on moms and their families along the way, especially her Immanuel Lutheran and St Ed’s peeps, and now focuses on doing (and duplicating) that approach with here us.

This December will be her 4th year here with us! Carole is famous for her big beautiful blonde heads of hair, massive amounts of perfectly stacked foils, and in-depth consultations. This woman will absolutely make sure you are both on the same page with your vision of a cut & color, and has a way of creating clarity for the woman who comes in and says “I don’t know. I just need a change. I’m not loving my hair. What do you think?”

Carole also supports our culture of warmth & hospitality, and is often seen pouring a cup of coffee to sit and visit with her clients while their color is processing. Her “Hair Therapy” sessions are part of why she is one of our most requested Stylists. 

If you can’t tell, I just love this woman, personally and professionally, and hope to grow our Company together for a long time. It is my vision to create a Salon & Spa brand where talented professionals and masters of their craft can earn a livable wage, with security and savings for the future, and enjoy working with their clients and team. Carole, you’re a huge part of that and I’m grateful for you. 

Much love to all,
PS – We have some awesome events coming up! Another SIP & SPA @ Village Vintner on Tues Aug 21st and a Parents Night Out Pamper Party on Friday Sept 7th @ Carpentersville – We’ve partnered with Tyke Play for this and they will watch your kids for $5 from 6p-9p so you can come chill with us! 

PPS –  August Specials are LIVE! Please feel free to call our friendly front desk team if you ever have any questions or need special booking assistance! I’m personally almost fully booked thru Sept 10th, but sometimes the front desk team can make things happen you won’t see thru our online booker. 

PPS – Wonder what the Levels are all about? It’s how I recruit, retain, and reward talent! As they grow with our company, their prices go up. Everyone who performs well deserves a raise, don’t you think? Carole’s prices go up by $4/hour starting Sept 1st, 2018

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