After Esalen Newsletter – Tides shift

After Esalen Newsletter – Tides shift

I wanted to wait a week before writing so I didn’t scare you with my full on esoteric new age metaphysical musings. The Deep Bodywork retreat at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA evolved me. It was an awakening – well, more of a REMEMBERING – of who I truly am and why I’m here.
     It was so easy (and awesome) to be immersed in the hustle and grind of building this company for the past 5 years.

Laser focused on business growth, staff development, time management, the god-forsaken-never-ending LIST, kids, hubby, pets, marketing, networking, volunteering… PLUS my large book of personal clients each week – (I love you)this was & IS my JAM!

I signed up for and created a very special level of productivity for myself, (willingly!) over the last 5 years but kinda got lost in the process.

This Fox River life has been freaking amazing, but hot damn it was time to disconnect from all of it and just be Julie, Lover of People and Body-Worker Extraordinaire.

6 days full of Yoga & Dance each morning, 8 hours of giving and receiving intense massage each day, meditation in a yurt in a canyon (see pic above), writing, eating all organic non-processed foods, NO CELL PHONES, very limited Wi-Fi… Hot Spring baths coming right out of the mountain on the coast, surrounded by other loving kindred spirits (including Justin, Algonquin LMT & Asst. Manager), fire pits and music at night, deep talks by the ocean…

It’s so funny. I preach self-care all day, and thought I was taking pretty good care of myself lately (Biggest Loser, a lot of sobriety, etc) – but it wasn’t until I SLOWED DOWN that I became conscious of how much stress I was actually carrying and how much MORE self-care I needed. I had a good old fashioned cry pretty much at least once a day. Another great form of release..
Me & Justin after a good cry at sunset. (LOL my tears, not his!)

It was just what this highly productive, massively loving, community building woman needed. Momma took a quality time out… and came back transformed. Clear. Rejuvenated. Refreshed. Deeply Content. I’m not going to go that long without a personal retreat ever again.

I know you can relate – even if you’re not a business owner – about how many hats we all wear, how many roles we play, how easy it is to get lost in the shuffle of our daily life… So I gently, lovingly encourage you to take a conscious time-out whenever you can and just get back to your body, back to your breath. Get out of your head and into your heart, whatever method you choose. It feels really great, I promise.

PLUS, the bodywork sessions I’ve had since we’ve returned have been deeper on so many levels. Deeper connection, deeper releases, more presence and awareness of body and energy in both myself and my clients… I’m infinitely grateful for the opportunity to have done this, and for our fantastic teachers at the class.

So! As I continue building this brand, serving our community, creating quality jobs and manifesting my vision, I’m looking at it from a much different perspective now. The hustle and grind, constant motion and awareness required for success in this world has been replaced in my mind with the word FLOW.

All water eventually ends up in the ocean. How it gets there is simply a matter of flow. It can be a grueling journey, or can get stuck behind a rock… or water can course through some gorgeous landscapes unobstructed… I’m a strategic captain, navigating those waters, and hope to bring you all along on a beautiful ride.

So thank you for reading, I had to share. Beautiful things should be shared. I can’t wait to connect with all of you again, and know this love is passed through our team and into their daily routines with you as well. Ahhhhh Life Is Good. Thank You.  ~jB

OK! Big Breath! Onto our next round of Spring Stuff!
Pamper Party for Administrative Professionals Day (formerly known as Secretaries Day, thank you evolution) on Wed April 25th.
We’ll be mingling and pampering together with our professional network – grab your favorite office mate and join us! Chamber Members and Spa Members get $10 Off per service! Call to reserve your spot!4 more things:

1. PROM – Book NOW, we’re almost sold out. (only 4 appointments left)

2. We’d love to take care of the Momma’s in your life. Please think of us if you need some gifting ideas 🙂

3. Dundee Crown’s Incubator Fundraiser @ Emmett’s is Thursday and has a few spots left if you’d like to join us for an amazing dinner! This is my new favorite THING outside of my Fox River Family. 🙂

4. Our Women In Business Fashion Show is next Wed:

Ok. You’ve been informed. You’ve been digitally loved on. I’d love to see you soon!

Love to all,
Owner/Operator Fox River Spa & Salon
Licensed Massage Therapist & Board Certified Educator
Chair, Women in Business 501c3
Treasurer, Westfield PTO 501c3
Community Champion, DundeeCrown Incubator Pathway
Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Lover, Friend, Human

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